Teradata Aster is an analytic platform that embeds MapReduce analytic processing with data stores.

  • Embedded MapReduce analytic processing and unique SQL-MapReduce® framework
  • Massively parallel data store for multistructured data
  • Intuitive tools and SQL-MapReduce libraries for rapid analytic development

Also, be sure to read The Data Blog, where the visionaries at Teradata Aster share their on big data and advanced analytics. For community support, please visit the Aster forum.

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Enabling SAS, SPSS, R, Tableau Desktop Analytics with Aster for Big Data

Analysts have deep knowledge of the procedures and reports their desktop tools currently use and produce, but can stumble when they need to get better insights fast on “too big” data. 

Aster Client Tools
Use the following links to obtain the Aster Client tools for your platform :

( Windows | Linux | Solaris | AIX | Mac )

Big Text: Gaining Value from Unstructured Data with Aster Text Analytics

Text data can be used for gaining insight into customer attitudes, routing communications from service representatives, finding key ‘nuggets’ and trends in news, emails and social media, and matching name and address data.

When to Use Which Type of Chart in Aster Lens

This Webinar will discuss the 4 Graph types (Sankey, Chord, Sigma, Tree) and when to use which Graph type given the data you have.

Predictive Analytics - GLM & LARS

 The recording for the presentation can be found at: 

Graph Processing Inside an Analytic DBMS

Guest Author: Dr. Daniel Abadi, Yale University

Although the Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) model for scalable parallel processing was invented by Leslie Valiant in the 1980s (and was cited as part of the reason for Valiant’s recent Turing award), it became a popular model for scalable processing of graph data in 2010 when Grzegorz Malewicz et. al. from Google published their seminal paper on Pregel in SIGMOD 2010 (http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1807184). 

Aster Development Environment

This package contains the Aster Development Environment download packages and documentation.

Aster Express

Aster Express for VMware Player download packages.  These are the virtual images required to create an Aster cluster consisting of a Queen node and a Worker node on your PC.

Aster Lens

This package contains the Aster Lens Installer which allows the user to install the the Aster Lens product.  Aster Lens is a web-based application for viewing visualizations created by Teradata Aster’s SQL-MR visualization functions.

The nPath Forward - Using Aster nPath to Uncover Customer Patterns

When you give your customers what they want based on data they have been sending you, you stand a chance of retaining that user as a customer.