The Teradata Database channel includes discussions around advanced Teradata features such as high-performance parallel database technology, the optimizer, mixed workload management solutions, and other related technologies. Plus, you'll receive expert data warehouse training and the advice of the industry's most experienced data warehouse consulting professionals.

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In-Memory the Intelligent Way with Teradata Intelligent Memory

Teradata Intelligent Memory keeps the most frequently used, or hottest, data in memory for in-memory performance without the need to purchase enough memory for all of your data.

Explaining the EXPLAIN – New Functionality in 14.0 & 14.10

This presentation builds on Recorded Webcast # 49911 Explaining the EXPLAIN, which did just that (if you have not viewed, please do so before this class).

Teradata Express for VMware Player

Download Teradata Express for VMware, a free, fully-functional Teradata database, that can be up and running on your system in minutes. For TDE 14.0, please read the launch announcement, and the user guide. For previous versions, read the general introduction to the new Teradata Express family, or learn how to install and configure Teradata Express for VMware.

Controlling the Mix: What's New in Teradata Active Syst Mgmt for Teradata 14.0 & 14.10

Workload Management is a critical component of balancing application demands and ensuring consistent application performance.

Teradata 101 The Strategy and Technology Basics

A database is a database, so if I know one , then I know them all, right?  Not really...

Teradata’s New Priority Scheduler for SLES 11

Join this in-depth presentation that covers the basics of the New Teradata Priority Scheduler available with Linux SLES 11 operating system. 

How Teradata Works – the Extended Version

For anyone new to Teradata, this session is to acquaint you with the Teradata technology.

Teradata Star-Schema Designs

This presentation explains how to physically implement a classic Star design with central fact table surrounded by several de-normalized dimension tables on Teradata.

DBQL Scripts

The DBQL setup and maintenance documents provides scripts, as well as information on how to perform DBQL logging, maintenance, and upgrade, now including Teradata 14.0.

Migrating Your Oracle Database to a Teradata Data Warehouse

Your company is new to Teradata and wants to move Oracle managed user data into the new data warehouse. As a DBA, your assignment is to move this data into the Teradata system.