Training material for the Teradata Database.

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Teradata Workload Management Release 15.0 /15.10 for SLES 11 Technical Overview

This webcast provides an overview of the Teradata Workload Management, consisting of Teradata Integrated Workload Management and Teradata Active System Management (TASM).

Hands-on with Teradata QueryGrid™ - Teradata-Aster

Teradata QueryGrid enables high performance multi-system analytics across various analytic platforms. QueryGrid: Teradata-to-Aster allows Aster’s powerful multi-genre analytics to be used as extensions of the Teradata database.

De-mystifying LDAP and SSO - Teradata Database External Authentication

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory integration and Single Sign-on (SSO) are two separate, distinct, and often confusing technologies for external authentication and authorization of user access to a Teradata system. Properly used, these technologies play an important role in the effective integration of Teradata systems with corporate security processes and infrastructure.

Teradata Secure Zones: Implementation Basics

This session provides a technical overview of Teradata Secure Zones and shows you how easy it is to implement a zone through a hands-on demo.

Version: Teradata 15.10

Hands-on with Teradata QueryGrid™ - Teradata-to-Oracle

Teradata QueryGrid enables high performance multi-system analytics across various data platforms. QueryGrid: Teradata-to-Oracle provides powerful SQL based functionality allowing you to join datasets across Teradata and Oracle systems.

Defense in Depth - Best Practices for Securing a Teradata Data Warehouse

Defense in depth is the practice of implementing multiple layers of security to protect business-critical information.

Implementing Temporal on Teradata

This presentation explains issues and recommended design patterns for implementing a database design in Teradata using in-database Temporal capabilities.

Workload Management with SLES 11 – Tips and Techniques

This session covers the main topics of Workload Management on SLES 11 systems. 

Hands-On with Teradata QueryGrid™ - Teradata-to-Teradata

Teradata QueryGrid enables high performance multi-system analytics across various data platforms. Integrating the data and analytics of multiple Teradata systems can help organizations to economically scale their Teradata environment by adding systems with different characteristics ...

Hands-On with Teradata QueryGrid™ - Teradata-to-Hadoop

Today's analytic environments incorporate multiple technologies and systems. Teradata QueryGrid™  Teradata-to-Hadoop allows you to access data and processing on Hadoop from your Teradata data warehouse.