Training material for the Teradata Database.

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Oracle to Teradata 101
If you've worked with Oracle for years and now find yourself the DBA for a Teradata Data Warehouse, you'll want to get productive as soon as possible.
The Many Uses of the Teradata Querybanding Feature

Querybanding provides the capability to wrap metadata around a query. This presentation will focus on the many uses of the Querybanding feature.

High Performance Multi-System Analytics using Teradata QueryGrid

Today's analytic environments incorporate multiple technologies and systems. Getting value from these systems often requires that they work together to address business needs.

Teradata Application Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques

This session will discuss Application Query Tuning on the Teradata platform. 

Priority Scheduler in SLES 11 for Teradata Database 15.0

Join this in-depth presentation that covers the basic functionality of the SLES 11 Teradata Priority Scheduler.

Tables without a Primary Index

This session with provide information on the basic concepts of No Primary Index (NoPI) tables.

The Basics of Using JSON Data Types

This presentation provides the basics of using the JSON Data type including defining and using columns defined with them; using various functions and methods created for their usage; basic shredding and publishing functionality and usage with Array data.

Inside a Teradata Node

Alternate Title: Teradata 101. For anyone new to Teradata, this session is to acquaint you with the Teradata technology.

Workload Management Capacity on Demand and other SLES11 Hard Limits

This session will explore the new options available for setting hard limits at different levels in the SLES11 priority hierarchy.

Explaining the EXPLAIN for Business Users


Whether you write your own code or it is generated for you, this is a topic that is essential for business users who run SQL queries.