The Ecosystem channel is a place for information sharing regarding the Teradata Analytical Ecosystem and beyond.  This channel provides information around data-warehousing solutions including the entire Teradata platform family as well as other integration points such as ETL processes, application server management, business relationships of processes, and high availability offerings.  The Ecosystem channel covers ecosystem/enterprise products and strategies including TASM and the Unity product portfolio - Unity Ecosystem Manager, Unity Data Mover, Unity Director and Unity Loader.

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Unified Data Architecture Monitoring & Management

The Unified Data Architecture enables Teradata, Aster and Hadoop to deliver unparalleled value.

Unity Ecosystem Manager – Advanced Monitoring and Alerting for your UDA

It’s 2 AM, and the Load Job required for the executives’ Monday morning briefing report failed… How are you notified? Ecosystem Manager provides advanced features that can alert and trigger automated corrective actions for such system events.

Backup and Restore using Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA)

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) is a new product offering for Teradata Backup and Restore, providing significant performance and usability improvements over existing backup and restore functionality.

What's New in 15.00 for Unity Ecosystem Manager

Unity Ecosystem Manager is part of the Teradata Unity portfolio of products supporting multi-system Teradata Environments.  While part of the Unity portfolio, it can also be leveraged as an event-driven system for efficient monitoring, alerting  and control of an entire analytic environment (Applications, Servers, Jobs, Tables) for a single Teradata, Aster or Hadoop system. 

Hadoop Security 101

Processes for integrating security controls were underdeveloped in early versions of Hadoop because data protection needs in its ecosystem were not well-understood.

YARN and Tez

This session dives into the new Hadoop architectural constructs called YARN and Tez.

Hadoop 2.0

This session introduces Hadoop 2.0 changes and concepts.

What's New in 14.10 for Unity Ecosystem Manager

Unity Ecosystem Manager (Ecosystem Manager) is part of the Teradata Unity portfolio of products (Unity Director, Unity Loader, Unity Data Mover and Unity Ecosystem Manager).  Ecosystem Manager monitors and controls critical applications in both single and multi-system Teradata environments.  It is an event-driven system that monitors operations, generates alerts, and pushes those mission-critical application alerts to operations staff, DBAs, and other subscribed EDW staff. 

Unity Data Mover Internals: A Comprehensive Usage Guide From the Experts

Unity Data Mover is a powerful ease-of-use appliance that makes copying data across your data center as easy as 1-2-3.

Monitoring ETL applications with Unity Ecosystem Manager

The Analytical Ecosystem can be quite complex. It usually consists of multiple managed servers containing instances of databases, ETL servers, infrastructure services and application servers. Monitoring and managing applications in this environment can be a very challenging task. Knowing at any moment what is the state of your hardware, how your applications are doing, how many jobs have finished successfully, how many failed and why have they failed are the types of questions database administrators typically ask themselves. Now with the addition of Hadoop infrastructure components within an ecosystem, monitoring has become even harder. Unity Ecosystem Manager helps users to answer those questions and perform and necessary maintenance tasks.