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Ad Hoc Workloads and Business Performance SLAs

How do you determine you’re who gets priority when every user thinks their work should come 1st? What’s the impact to the business when the warehouse environment is thought to be under performing? Or is it just that one user? This presentation will address best practices in establishing workload SLAs, both tactical and strategic, in an Ad Hoc environment and how to engage the business users in determining priority. Included will be realistic testing methods, what testing can and should be performed prior to Query implementation. Query SLAs, both tactical and strategic, will be discussed, as will methodologies for gaining consensus on priority. Ongoing SLA monitoring, tracking and reporting will also be discussed.

Updated and re-recorded in January 2015.

Multi-Active Systems with New Unity Director/Loader 14.11

New Teradata Unity Director/Loader 14.11

We are pleased to announce the General Customer Availability (GCA) of Unity Director/Loader 14.11. With release 14.11, Unity Director/Loader now conforms to the Viewpoint 15.00 portlet requirements. Unity Director/Loader 14.11 has added support for TPT Update and Multi-Load as ETL portocols. With the addition of these two protocols, Unity Director/Loader now supports all of the TPT and Legacy Bulk Load protocols.

Teradata, Memory, and Storage

This session will provide detailed information on how Teradata utilizes Linux memory and how Teradata maps logical Vdisk space to physical disk storage space.

Working with Stored Procedures in Unity Director

Unity Director currently has a number of limitations regarding the use of stored procedures. These limitations are often misunderstood, and mistakenly lead to the assumption that stored procedures are not currently supported by Unity Director. This is not the case – while there are a number of considerations to be aware of, most stored procedures can be used with no issues.

Performance Testing - When is it time for a System Tune Up?

How do you determine your system’s performance prior to the dreaded customer call asking why their queries are running longer?  What’s the impact to the business when the warehouse environment is under performing?

Demystifying the Teradata Master Certification

Join your fellow Masters as the Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) and Teradata Education Network (TEN) bring you this engaging and informative webinar.

Data Governance - What is it & Why you need it

What's the difference between Data warehouse Governance and Data Governance? Where does Stewardship fit in? How does Big Data play into Data Governance?

Forget The Data, Unleash the USERS! – Driving A Self Service BI Environment

A lot has been said over the past few years about “clouds” “big data”, “real time data feeds” and “the active data warehouse”. Unfortunately, much of the dialog centered on the technology and management of the data.

Big Data Analytics: Organizing For Success

There are fairly standardized organizational structures for functions like Human Resources, Finance, and Marketing. However, this isn’t true when it comes to corporate analytics functions.

Roles and responsibilities of a Teradata DBA

The modern data warehouse presents some unique administration challenges. This session will examine the differences a DBA faces when making the transition from a transaction processing environment to a data warehouse's, ad-hoc environment.