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Roles and responsibilities of a Teradata DBA

The modern data warehouse presents some unique administration challenges. This session will examine the differences a DBA faces when making the transition from a transaction processing environment to a data warehouse's, ad-hoc environment.

When to Use Hadoop, When to use the Data Warehouse

In some areas, big data tools, such as Hadoop and HBase, overlap with relational databases and data warehouses. Putting the hyperbole aside, how should you choose when both systems provide analytic value?

Introduction to the Teradata Certified Professional Program

IT Certification is more important and relevant than ever.  Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.  We are here to help! 

Teradata 14.0 Certification Exams - What's New & How to Prepare

Learn what’s new and exciting about the Teradata Certified Professional Program.

Microsoft Business Intelligence with Teradata

This webcast describes how to leverage Microsoft Business Intelligence on a Teradata database to provide optimized performance. This is a technically oriented presentation regarding Microsoft's offerings for ETL, OLAP, and reporting.

Cutting through the Hype: What You Really Need to Know About Big Data

Based on content from the popular book "Taming The Big Data Tidal Wave"; this talk will cut through the hype around big data and help the audience better understand what they need to do to succeed with big data in their organizations starting today. 

So... Do I Really Need a Data Model?

The practice of modeling data prior to a data warehouse implementation has long been a pillar of Teradata best practices. Yet the value of this practice is often questioned by those looking for shortcuts.

Teradata Performance: Why DBQL Matters the Most

When it comes to Teradata Performance, DBQL matters the most!

Moving from Business Intelligence to an Intelligent Business

Have you ever been doing business with a company only to think “why can’t they do this better?”, “didn’t they already ask me this question?” or “I have been their customer for 10 years and they still don’t know me?”

Lessons from the Sandbox: Tips to Fix Crucial Issues Yourself Quickly

If you are an end-user in an analytic sandbox finding yourself dead in the water with an intractable problem or a DBA or Power User tasked with supporting and solving problems for those sandbox users, this session may provide some relief...