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Hi everyone,
I need to load a column that is a concatenation from two fields of a file. One field is a date other is time type. I would like to load both resulting in a timestamp field but i wanted to do it during the tpt load. Is it possible? How can i concatenate two fields in the insert statetment?

Hi Guys,
I am brand new to Teradata and writing advanced queries (with data munipulation).  I just got out of school.

This question is a spinoff of the following thread:

I am attempting to rank entires in a table, but want the rank to start over with each new value in the ID field.  The idea is to create a unique identifier out of the NAME and the ranking which is based on the number of lines of each ID value.  See example below...
Here is the source data:

I have a query that results in data containing customer id numbers, marketing channel, timestamp. So, the results might look something like this.

So, I'm not sure why this statement isn't working properly.

MERGE INTO table1 as a
USING table2 as b
ON a.date = b.date AND a.id = b.id
UPDATE SET col2 = CAST(a.col2 as VARCHAR(3)) ||','|| CAST(b.col2 as VARCHAR(3))
INSERT (id, col2, date)
VALUES (b.id, b.col2, b.date);


How do I combine multiple Select queries?

I have 7 queries run separately. Each query return 2 columns. Count(of something), (date)

Date Range is Fixed for each query Set to 1 Week only.

Good Afternoon,

My question is this what I want to do is to a date depending on the month to add the last day of the month.

For example I get:

I've had some problems with joining to a concatenated variable and although I've fixed the problem I'd like to understand what happened here.

As background, in a transaction table we have the first digit of the account number was dropped for a couple of days and so we have a number of records where the account number needs a single digit added to the front.

We basically wanted to do a really simple query to find out how many transactions have been made on an account. However, when a join on the reconstructed account number didn't work.

The abstraction of the code is below: