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The application team experienced a deadlock issue.
There were three different jobs running:  Job A was blocked by Job B.  Job B was blocked by Job A.  Job C was blocked by both Job A and Job B.

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Download the Aster Connector for Informatica 9.5. Additional information can be found in the README file.

Every tried to figure out the exact ETL/ELT process that is running some sql statement from within the database..... good luck with that!

Query Banding is part of Teradata's workload management features BUT can also be simply used to trace exactly what process is executing something.

This package contains the Aster client tools.

This package contains the Aster client tools for AIX.


Release numbering for all of the above will follow this convention:



My PreSQL query in the WorkFlow of Informatica had 2 parts, 1.Insert query 2.Refresh Stats procedure call In the absence of a ';' between these 2 parts gives me record count in Millions but in the presence of the ';' it gives me record count in Thousands.

I have a scenario at hand:-
Source: 9 Binary Flat Files (From Mainframe Source Systems)
Target: 1 Teradata Table
ETL Operations: Insert / Update / Delete using Informatica Workflows – Teradata MLOAD INSERT / UPDATE Connection String & Teradata MLOAD DELETE Connections String

I have a couple of questions regarding the Hadoop connectors:

  • What connector do I need to integrate the Hadoop and Teradata using an ETL tool like Talend or Informatica PowerCenter?
  • Can I use all of the 3 connectors side-by-side and deploy it in a sandbox environment?


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We are using Teradata Parallel transporter (TPT) loaders as both source and target connection.
     Source     - TPT Export
     Target      - TPT Load
Using that performance has improved significantly compared to relational connection.

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Informatica Is the best ETL tool Informatica Power Center is a powerful ETL tool developed Informatica Corporation.


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May I have your suggestions in below-


In informatica , in sql transformation below code is written -->





collect stats on table_1;




Delete from table_2;


UPdate table_2 

from table_1....

Greetings Experts,
We are using some jobs that use Mload connection in Informatica.  If the number of rows in ET table is >= errorlimit specified, will the session be forced to fail?

I recently came across a discussion which was debating that PDO is not possible with Teradata 12 and Informatica 9.5.1.
I tried looking for answers but could not find a convincing one. Any idea?

A developer indicated to me that Informatica will not use secondary indexes. Is this true?


A third party vendor has developed a data mart application for us and now they are deploying it.  This is a cloud based 

application using Informatica 9.0 and Teradata 13 database. The source data files are comming from different locations

Hi all..
i have the query

qualify rank() over (partition.....question


in teradata form.  now i need to convert it to infomatica. can anyone help me provide the conversion for the "rank()" in informatica.???


thanks in advance..!!


Our site recently updated TPT to 13.10. We call tbuild from within a shell script, which in turn is called from a Command Task in Informatica. We've had no problems prior to the upgrade but the 13.10 version of tbuild issues a warning that TMSM has failed to initialize. We don't have TMSM installed.

Hi ,

I have a smiple mapping where I take data from Oracle database ,use expression transformation to add certain parameter values and then push it to teradata box.

Now, it is running fine when I use relational connection however whe I use TPT connection it shows all rows being processed but nothing gets inserted into table.


I am trying to connect to Teradata 13.10 using 32bit TTU with 64bit ODBC from Informatica 9.1.  Informatica and ttu/ODBC are installed on Win2008 server.

The compatibility matrix says this should work, but I can't even see the 64bit ODBC driver through SQL Assistant (32bit).

Is this not possible?


Hi all,


i am trying to load data in my database using informatica but getting the error that is placed below:


Hi all,


i am trying to load data in my database using informatica but getting the error that is placed below:


 Execute Direct -- [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] An owner referenced by user does not have INSERT WITH GRANT OPTION access to BATABASE_NAME.TABLE_NAME.ID.Unable to get catalog string.

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I would appreciate if anybody let me know how can i find charset setting of database thru query.



this is a second post, looks like the former one is lost ...
an attempt to connect INFORMATICA to TERADATA via ODBC returns an error :
[DataDirect][ODBC Teradata Client driver][Teradata]The user does not have SELECT access to DBC.TVM.

Teradata Meta Data Services (a component that is included in the Teradata Utility Pack) helps an organization locate, describe, and share knowledge. Metadata surrounds raw data with context, transforming it into knowledge.