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Hi Friendzzz.

This is Sanidhya,

I am from NY, I wanna learn Teradata Course through Online, So Please Suggest me which is the best Online Institute for

Teradata Course?????

Please Suggest me,
Thank You

Every tried to figure out the exact ETL/ELT process that is running some sql statement from within the database..... good luck with that!

Query Banding is part of Teradata's workload management features BUT can also be simply used to trace exactly what process is executing something.

id   16hex   
aaa  28E1
id    decimal 
aaa   10465

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How did Teradata get its name? Does mistletoe grow in parse trees? If there are “virtual AMPs” are there “virtual Watts” as well?

In my server I am running TD Express for VMware, version TD14.10. I have created several users and have no relevant data there (its a sort of sandbox for some users).
I would like to create all the users and keep the same passwords. I am guessing that this could be done exporting and loading some tables into TD15?

My PreSQL query in the WorkFlow of Informatica had 2 parts, 1.Insert query 2.Refresh Stats procedure call In the absence of a ';' between these 2 parts gives me record count in Millions but in the presence of the ';' it gives me record count in Thousands.

whenever i run any query in terdadata, i am getting blank result in columns having VARCHAR or CHAR data type. using windows 7.  please help if anyone have idea. not able to understand why CHAR values are not showing in the answersheet result?

I need to convert these statments from using  AT TIMEZONE to FROM_GMT2.  Help is very much appreciated
c_timestamp is a column of timestamp(0) type

Hello All,
The way I see Teradata is...Node contains multiple PE & AMPs. PE handles the user sessions in addition to other activities and AMPs service the data movement amongst other role. Considering a production system having say, 50 Nodes...I seek clarification on the following 02 topics:

Hi All,
I want to install teradata on a linux machine. 
1) Do we have a teradata version directly for linux or do we need to install a vmware player in linux and use teradata for vmware player.

Hello All,
Teradata Utilities are specialised tool for loading or exporting huge volume of data as compared to conventional SQL tools like SQL Assistant & BTEQ. I wish to learn the fundamental performance gain reason between them. I have provided my understanding on them below. I would appreciate any addition/correction to them.

I have a table to be updated having 3 columns ext_JobGroupCd,ext_JobCd,ext_OrderIngroup

I am a newer to teradata database, and I want to study teradata database systematically all the time by a classical book about teradata. But I could not find such that book as introduce teradata. Can everyone recommed one book to me? it is better to tell me where download it. Thanks very very much .

We are using Teradata Parallel transporter (TPT) loaders as both source and target connection.
     Source     - TPT Export
     Target      - TPT Load
Using that performance has improved significantly compared to relational connection.

Does anyone know how to connect to a DB View with OData service in Visual Studio?

I have a java udf that basically just does a bunch of shows on each and every procedure and macro and then inserts those into a table. The jar is installed and my definition for the procedure is below. The problem i'm getting is i keep getting the error:

Folks - if ANYONE out there wants to join me in getting access to TPN+ membership reply or IM me ( preferably if there, IM in the forum that is ) . I have  been in Terdata world for a long time - technology has now changed drastically from what it used to be during V2R3/5/6 days .

Linux Environment Details:
Linux version 2.6.32-431.3.1.el6.x86_64 (mockbuild@x86-003.build.bos.redhat.com) (gcc version 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-4) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Fri Dec 13 06:58:20 EST 2013

Hi all,
I need to know the syntax for calculating the day number of the year for a date in teradata SQL.

It has become very slow fetching an answer set (serval seconds per row) during last several days using Teradata SQL Assistant. I never experienced this problem before. Rebooting the computer does not help. People use Teradata SQL Assistant in our office pritty intensively, but no one has ever experienced this problem. Please help.

When I am trying to export data from Hadoop Hive to Teradata I am getting Datatype mismatch exception, especially for Date and Decimal format.
Just for testing, I tried to export the same Hive table to TD, that was imported from TD into Hive with same schema. But it didn't work.

I've been trying to download the TDE for VMware (4GB). Its not downloading. Are they unavailable at present. Are the VMware versions of Teradata Express for 64 bit the only option? They seem to be problem prone.








Hi ,
    We have an situation where in  we need to load rows of data from teradata tables to mysql tables
any hint on how i could start with it?
canfastexport(or any other utility) help?
Thank you in advance :)

Just a confusion whats the difference between following two websites
second one looks more new and updated but i guess other one is also running. which one should be used?

I am exporting a large amount of data into a file.The specification is like each column should be seperated by pipe.If there is no data,there should be space.(| |)
I need file in this format
if there is data it should be like this

We currently use Teradata version 13 and have no issues connecting to Unica version 6 via ODBC connection.



I am new to Teradata and I am working on query for which I greatly appreciate any help.


i have data in a table as shown below:












Looking for someone long term who has skills in the following areas:
Netbackup for Teradata (TARA)
Installing Teradata Tools on disparate platforms
Proficient on Arcmain
Sioalris and LINUX Administration
Pass a background check: Must have been in the US physically working for the past 4-5 years+

Hi all,
I am building an SSIS package in SQL Server BIDS 2008 version to pull data from Teradata and dump to SQL Server.
1. I am able to connect to Teradata sucessfully as Source.
2. Connection to SQL Server as Destination is also good.
2. When I am running the package I am getting the error
*********  ERROR *******

I am not sure if this is the right category of the current issues we are facing right now. Unity Director had been implemented in our client together with the Teradata database implementation. I am not sure if this is a verified bug but below are the current scenario we are facing.

Hi Experts,
As per one of the requirement , we are making one column as CHARACTER SET UNICODE CASESPECIFIC.
But as we know that in Unicode too we have two types of character sets UTF-8 & UTF-16.
Can we know some how which one  (UTF_8 or UTF-16?) would be created after making the column as UNICODE?
Thanks in advance!

In a script, at Session level the transaction isolation is set to RU (Read Uncommitted or ACCESS).
At table level I am overriding to READ lock for Table1 in a SQL select.
Now if there is already an INSERT / MERGE / UPDATE operation going on Table1 then it will be on WRITE lock. So the SQL with READ lock will wait. 

I have source data froma a table in the following way 

Source  Data table 

Date_key          Location       Vendor           call_cnt

2013-09-09      Highlands         att               1500

2013-10-28      Highlands       att                 200

what would be the code to count the number of words in a phase using Teradata SQL without using the oreplace function as I do not have access to this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Masters,


This is a Hadoop/Teradata scenario. I'm looking for advise for a data migration from Hadoop to Teradata. The source data is supposed to be coming in form of delimited flat files. What are my best options for migrating data with best performance.


I'm generally more of a forum lurker, but every once in a while I get something working that doesn't readily work out of the box the way you'd expect and feel that its worth posting about to ease the path of others (and maybe leave a trail for Google to scan so I don't have to remember where I left my notes!)

We have several queries that sometimes get stuck in response mode. Is there a way to real time see what the queryid is of a query that is currently in response mode? Using the following:
SEL a.*,
FROM dbc.qrylog a
     LEFT OUTER JOIN dbc.qrylogsql b

[Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] Incorrect referential constraint definition.
Execution Failed!
ALTER TABLE Failed. 3976:  Incorrect referential constraint definition.

Dear Sir/mam,
Our company has just started to use teradata appliances. We have 1 cabinet with 2 node of memory &  1/4 disk that will be used for development environment.
however we need another environment with 4 node & half disk.

Hi Guys
I am working on migration from Oracle to Teradata. I am facing few issues there. I would be glad if some one please clarify below questions.

Hi All,
We have define a coulmn as CLOB in a teradata table as we have to load it from a CLOB column from Source(Oracle), but
during loading it from API/Uitlity mode in Abinito, we are getting an error and load is failing.
I belive we cannnot load a CLOB column thorugh utility...
Work around -->

Recently we were forced to build out a new instance of Teradata V12.  During the "configuration" phase of the install.  I get to the step "Run Config and Reconfig".  The Config steps runs without issue however when it goes to run Reconfig it throws an error.
If anyone has run into this and knows the answer please let me know.

Is it possible to combine two heterogenous sources and load into one particular target. If so How using TPT?
Ex: I'm combining data from Oracle and DB2 and loading into one Teradata Table.

I have requirement where i need to send mutliple files based on the data. Our enivroment is Unix and teradata.
EG: below is table with sample table.
C_Name   ID
xxxxx        1
yyyy          1
aaaaa       2
bbbbb       2
ccccc         1