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My database is a Teradata version
I retrieve data with a MS Excel v2003 file (using MS Query)
Before to do that, I installed "the tdodbc__windows_i386." products on my desktop : Teradata Client 13.10, Teradata ODBC driver. I created a System DSN etc.

Hi Guys. I am trying to execute 'show procedure ' using Perl DBI, but always getting wrong result. The same code with 'show view' works correctly. Does anybody help me?

I runtime combined 4 create table commands into a string. However, when i run this string as below in C#, 

There's lots of posts relating to the 10065 error, but I don't see any solutions that apply to this case.
Teradata is up and running and usable for 100s of others in my organization - not a problem on the TD side.

Hi all,
I am trying to connect to Teradata Database 14 using the Teradata JDBC 14 driver.  The Java code is running on a Linux server using Ubuntu 12 and JVM 6 (64-bit).  I keep getting the following error....


I am using Teradata EF provider and I seem to be unable to reference a string column in the table without having to specify it in the key as well.  If I have that column in the key then all is well, but if I don't then I get the following error.  Has anyone come across this?  Or know what the issue might be?

Hi I am installing a few TD13 DLLS (Drivers and Providers etc) in order to provice me with connectivity to a Teradata Database.
Until 31Aug 2012 I had great success in doing this:
1) First install the ICU Libs
2) Then install the GSS Client
3) Then lastly do the TD OLEDB Provider.

I am writing a C++ application to interact with Teradata ST_GEometry data types usign CLI.
My problem is that I am not sure how to access data returned from a DBHCL call where the dbc.resp_mode is set to 'M' - Multi Record mode

Hi ,

I want to add functionality to force users to change their password at first logon.


Can this be achieved through profile parameters?


Any other way..??



Thanks in advance.






I am new to Teradata and I am having to port some dynamically built queries that currently run against Oracle over to Teradata.


The current queries use named bind variables in the SQL with the colon syntax, for example :startDate




I'm trying to call a Teradata macro via JDBC. I'm using the following code


I'm trying to setup ODBC connection for my Oracle client while installing BO. Following are the steps I followed.



Please advise if this is the incorrect forum for my query however i was hoping someone may be of assistance.


I am looking to put together some vba code that will allow me to connect to teradata and insert the data held in my spreadsheet directly into a td table. 


Hi Guys , 


  This is my first post here , so Hello to Everyone :) 


   I am trying to connect to a Teradata database from a AIX box using Java . 

   I have downloaded the TeraJDBC__indep_indep. file and after unzipping it on a Windows box I ftped the 3                         

Thank you Darrick S, vhari, steveg for your article on Laddered Concurrent Connect (LCC): Client Performance Improvements

I didn't quite catch your explanation :"Once the first successful connect is recognized, any remaining occupied sockets are released (closed). A down node will no longer force the client interface to pause until the wait time interval has expired before it attempts to connect to another node."


Now we use Tedradata Express 14.
We encountered the following errors and stoped this system. 
 08024 All virtual circuits are currently in use.

Please teach anyone how to resolve this issue?

Best regards,

I can't find it in the download center...


Please advise.

Hi, I trying to install Teradata Express v13.0 in a Windows 2008 server machine, the installation finished succesfully, but when I click "Start Teradata" on Teradata Service Control, fails to display the message "Teradata is running", the last message display is "PDE state is RUN/READY".

Can someone help me?




I am new to Teradata, I have installed Teradata 13.0.

When i opened the SQL Assistant and try to connect or create a new database I am getting error


"160 specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126 (teradata)"


Please let me know what is the resolution for this.

How can I map Boolean type using Entity Framework, Fluent Api?

I found this in Teradata type mapping documentation


Teradata does not natively support a Boolean type.


I have gone through JDBC documentation, but I have not found a property or any other way, how to tell jdbc to retry a query that was aborted due to a deadlock.

We are running a lot of concurrent jobs and we get sometimes a deadlock - not because of actual deadlock, but because of lock table being full on an AMP.

When I change my operating system to win7 64bit , I connot connect my ETL Service by ETLAdmin because of  that I cannot create a 32bit obdc connection to my orace ETL repository an more.
So I modified the ETLAdmin.jar file ,and it connects etl repository through jdbc connections instead of odbc connections.


A problem that I have been coming across is that when I connect to Teradata via a third-party programming language (whether that be Python or C), the Teradata session does not terminate until the system times out even though I explicitly close the ODBC connection.  The following is an excerpt from my code:

Byte Field value is returning like Box Symbol with "?" Symbol , it is not in readable format in VB 6.0 after that i checked in Teradata SQL Assistant, in that byte field is returning value in readable format like 00-00-00. And i am very sure this problem is not happened due to my code problem and it is not a problem of ADO Object Library also.

I have added reference to Teradata.Client.Provider (.NET Data Provider for Teradata, Runtime v2.0.50727) to my Visual Studio C# 2010 project
Now, i want to get list of all ODBC names for Teradata

I included the namespace for Teradata.Client.Provider


Windows setup: tdodbc__windows_i386. (tdicu, TeraGSS, tdodbc), Python-2.7.3, pyodbc-3.0.3


I am able to extract data from using tdxodbc.  The following piece of python code also works fine -- 



>>> import pyodbc





    I installed Teradata 13.0 express edition after completion of installation for few days it is working good.





    I installed Teradata 13.0 express edition after completion of installation for few days it is working good.





    I installed Teradata 13.0 express edition after completion of installation for few days it is working good.

Been attempting to execute an SP from SAS using: 

 Libname td teradata server="nn.nnn.nnn.nnn"

user=xxxxxxx password="xxxxxxxx" schema=xxxxx

connection=global cast=yes dbcommit=0;



   execute (call td.SP_01('Test_ID2', '77', 0);) by teradata;



Does anyone know what would cause, or how to correct a Socket Error?  Below are the details of the error message:

I'm trying to establish a connection from my linux box to a Teradata server


My odbcinst.ini looks as the example does








I execute the sql by TeraJDBC13.1, but throw the exception:



16:55:31  [SELECT - 0 row(s), 0.000 secs]  [Error Code: 1005, SQL State: HY000]  [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1005] [SQLState HY000] Unexpected parcel kind received: 33

Trying to connect through C# using an LDAP login:

 Teradata.Client.Provider.TdConnection con =
                    new Teradata.Client.Provider.TdConnection("Data Source=;User ID=mw;Password=pwd;");



As you know TD 13 is not supported on 64-bit. Is there a way of installing TD 13 Express edition on a 64-bit machine that does not support Virtualization? What are the options available?

Thanks for your time in advance!!!



I once created a DB which I filled with 5000 images (50MB each). Unfortunately I dropped the table lately so I am trying to recreate the table. But

after a few hundred entries the following message appears:

As per subject, really.  Got a simple query:

SELECT * FROM dbc.databases WHERE databasename != 'foo'

When I try and run it through the JDBC connection I get the error:



Can you kindly post a code snippet on how can one load data with fastload from csv in java application ?

I'm able to connect to TD via JDBC but I cannot find any useful docs with examples how to use fastload in an application.


Thank you in advance

I have a SQL such as this:


The environment my Windows app runs in has recently changed and uses LDAP as the authentication method for connection to the Teradata warehouse.

But I'm really stuck, I am unable to connect using my app now.  I can connect ok using the Queryman application, using the same User ID and Password values, so I know the connection is possible and queries will run and return results from the Queryman application.

My ConnectionString looks like this:

I have several SAS tables that require to be copied over to Teradata platform V13.

I usually use the Fastload option and works very well, however I need to create and


I created a very basic JUDF as described in the official tutorials:



I am using Eclipse and Servoy (www.servoy.com) to create a CRUD application.  Using other JDBC drivers works well in Servoy but the Teradata (v14) JDBC driver does not work as well for CRUD operations.  However, the things I can do using the Teradata drivers are single SELECT statements and INSERT, DELETE

I am using Teradata ODBC 13.0 with php and session is set to UTF16 but not able to display them properly on php page. Is there an issue with Teradata ODBC while converting Unicode characters.

The problem was persisted even I used jdbcodbc. It worked fine with Type 4 jdbc driver. 

Please Suggest 


I have a C++ application using the TPT API in "TD_STREAM" Mode (TeraData Client 13.10 + Linux VMWARE TeraData 4GB 13.10) in order to write data to some tables.

I have created a user with limited storage (something like 1MB).

We are testing one of our applications and some of tests fail with the following error 


Teradata.Twm.Data.DataAccessException:  Unicode Conversion Error ---> System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: ERROR [HY000] [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] Unicode Conversion Error

I Installaed TD-13 for Win-32. First surprise was this package does not contain SQL Assistant. 

Anyways I downlaoded TD studio and installed it. 

In the eobject explorer how do I connect to the server ? I never came accross an option to configure the server or set up a default database etc. Please help.