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       Is it possible to stream data from a DB2 table to Teradata table using a Unix script ? Can this be done using CONSUMER/PRODUCER operators and not ODBC operators ?

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I need information on below points , we are looking to pull data from SAP ECC system into teradata:

If I have 500 GB of data to be tptied to TD, how much shared memory from the client system, should I allocate?
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I have succesfully set up an Access front-end that links tables from a Teradata database.  Everything works fine when I have the tables linked through a DSN.  I am trying to set up a DSN-less connection, but I am encountering the following error:  "Reserved Error (-7778): there is no message for this error"

I'm generally more of a forum lurker, but every once in a while I get something working that doesn't readily work out of the box the way you'd expect and feel that its worth posting about to ease the path of others (and maybe leave a trail for Google to scan so I don't have to remember where I left my notes!)

the teradata driver requires libicudatatd however the files included in the driver, TeraGSS and tdodbc, don't include that file,
do you know where to find this file?

Has anybody tried extending the Enterprise Libraray Data Access Application Block so that it works with the Teradata .Net Provider?
To get things up and running, my prototype extends the abstract Database class and passes TdFactory as a constructor argument..  

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I'm importing data from Teradata database into MS Access database (Windows 7) using an ODBC driver. The decimal symbol is set to '.' (because the 'Use Regional Settings for Decimal Symbol' is unchecked in the ODBC driver options). The decimal symbol is different in OS (',') thus the import of decimal values is not correct.

I tried configure Teradata SQL Assistant, but said next error with tittle "Logon failed":
ODBC IM014: The DSN specified architecture mismatch between the driver and the application.
teradata version: 12
windows 7 64 bit
please help me thank you so much

Dear friends, my connection not working, please help me.
OS: windows 7 professional 64 bit
Teradata SQL assistant version: 12
ODBC Controller:
Name: Teradata  | Version: | organization: NCR Corporation, Daytin OH |file: TDATA32.DLL | date: 01-06-2007 (2007-06-01)
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When using a Java Stored Procedure from within the Oracle 11g database, an attempt to open a connection to Teradata using the JDBC driver version 14 throws the following error.
Exception in thread "Root Thread" java.lang.NullPointerException

Is there a 64 bit version of the OLE DB Teradata Provider? If so where can I get it?

We are having an issue with users attempting to logon to the system using LDAP authentication.
They are able to logon using a set password with no mechanism chosen.
Any suggestions regarding resolution?

I use Hibernate to read and load data into a database Terdadata.
I have large files (xml) to be stored in a table. For that I use a BLOB field.
I did not encounter any problem to store files via BTEQ, but when I go through hibernate, I get the following error :

HI Team,
Here is the log file for connectivity through JDBC application from Application server to TD server on linux.

Noticed this error:
Caused By: com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1382] [SQLState HY000] The batch is empty.

Can anyone advise if an F5 load balancer should be used over a DNS, each configured with all Teradata COP's.  We have a 2650 Appliance running TD 13.10 with 15 nodes, 10 of which are Network connected.

Hi guys

I'm accessing Teradata through a python based web application, using pyodbc.  I get the error [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Beyond SQL_ACTIVE_STATEMENTS limit'

The project I am working has a java front end and it connects to TD.
Now they claims that when they were using mysql or oracle and if the connection with DB goes down , Java automatically connects to the DB when its up.
But in TD they are forced to restart the Java application to establish the connection with Teradata again.

The password for my user id is L4sQ&dS8.
I did the following :
Ran a bteq as .logon prod/subrata_das_admin,L4sQ&dS8;  ---> This worked fine
when  ran a MLOAD as below it failed with error -->  13:55:53 UTY1008 RDBMS failure: 8017, The UserId, Password or Account is invalid.   

We are using JDBC Driver for our connectivity to Teradata 13.10 version. What we are observing is that for every INSERT statement into a table in TeraData the logs show multiple SELECT .... FROM DBC.TABLES, ... DBC.COLUMNS and HELP statements.

Hi, I'm migrating from Cognos 8.4 in Win2003 to Cognos 10 in Red Hat 5.5 64 Bits.
In ODBC for Win2003 i have these setting :

I've installed ODBC Driver 14.10 on zLinux. While trying to test my installation using 'tdxodbc' shipped in 'bin' directory, I got the following error. Is there any hint about why this could happen?

Hi, I'm trying to install Teradata on a Linux machine, which is using a Debian Distribution. How can i setup Teradata on this machine and use BTEQ in order to execute some queries on a TD database?

Is the Teradata .NET Provider more efficient (faster) than connecting to the database via ODBC? This may be a silly question, but can Informatica use the Teradata .NET provider?
Todd Thompson
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I'm having trouble with the configuration of TPT 14 on an AIX 64 bit server and Informatica 9.1.0 64 bit.

While trying to set-up Oracle Transparent Gateway on redhat Linux 6.4(64 bit system), we are getting the following error.
ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message: [DataDirect][ODBC lib] Specified driver could not be loaded {IM003} ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from TERADATA

I am getting below Error .
Database error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified. (IES 10901) (WIS 10901)Database error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified. (IES 10901) (WIS 10901)

Can someone provide the ICU Library  I need to uninstall it but it won't unless it has the orginal tdicu.msi.  The closest one available for download is icu but it doesn't work.

Hello everyone - I have the Oracle 11g client and components installed but the Oracle OleDB Provider will not show up in the list of options in the OleLoad tool.  I have manually registered the oraoledbb11.dll file and complete the installation multiple times.  Has anyone ever used the Oracle OleDB provider before?

I am trying to connect to Teradata ( from a Java application (Rational Software Architect). I have tried with both the version 14 and 13 JDBC drivers from the below site but still no luck.

Iam newbie to Teradata. I downloaded and installed Teradata Express database 13.0 (default setup) on my windows xp pro sp3 successfully.
Here I am little bit confusing what are the username/password to connect in SQL Assistant. How to connect samples in SQL Assistant.?

I have some problems accessing Teradata from EXCEL with a ODBC driver.
The Teradata database BASE_A, has user access restriction set on the base itself.
Here I can setup the ODBC driver so that I get access to BASE_A from Excel.

I'm trying to write VBA code that will allow me to run a macro in Microsoft Excel 2007 that connects to Teradata SQL assistant (version 13.10), runs SQL (it says ODBC, if that is meaningful), and brings back the results to Excel.

I am trying to install teradata 13.10 on RHEL6 server. We have RHEL 6.1 with UnixODBC-2.2.14-12.el6_3.x86_64. Drivers were downloaded from teradata website and were installed in following sequence :
1. TeraGSS
2. tdicu
3. tdodbc
ODBC.INI configured and env variable was pointed to the location. 

After installation  of Teradata client 14.00 for Oracle GW and configure the environment I've got an error
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message:
[DataDirect][ODBC lib] Specified driver could not be loaded {IM003}
ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from HSTERADATA

Hi all, please, help me. I can not connect in Teradata 13 database from visual studio 2012.\
My code:


Hi, I have had a search through the forums (and google) and have found plenty of discussions about teradata ODBC drivers, but none that seem to quite match the issue I am seeing....

Hello. I need to have the aster ncluster odbc driver installed on my computer. I follow the directions provided -- but when I get to Admin Tools ==> data tools (odbc) ==> system dsn (add)... the driver does not appear in the window. Any direction or guidance is appreciated.

We are seeeing connection timeout problems via teradata java driver v13.10. We tried to set the connection keep alive from the connection pool manager, still no luck. we still the socket failure excrption. Any pointers what could be done to get around this issue? Any solution ASAP would really help.

ERROR org.hib

Trying to install the teradata odbc drivers for Red Hat, but the downloaded RPM complains about dependencies (tdicu/teragss), which I cannot find anywhere for download. 
My employer has the necessary licenses. I asked support, but all they said was to ask here... *roll* 

I tried to connect to my Teradata server through C# (VS 2012 Express). But I kept getting error. I used MSSQL before. This is my first time using Teradata. I tried a few connectioin strings, but it did not help.
My OS is Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit). I have Teradata SQL Assistant ( installed and connect to Teradata through ODBC.

Developing job using Spring batch module, new jobs requirement is to write data to TeraData. Can anyone share user guide or tech spec on how to support from Spring Batch with Teradata.

Have freshly loaded Terdata Express 14 on a Macbook Pro using VMware Fusion 5.  The bteq utility is working and can connect.  The Teradata Studio Express is able to connect.  However, when I start firefox I get the following error:

Unable to connect


Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost/

Hello !
I create this case because I have a question relative to the access to Teradata through SQL Assistant and BTEQ.
The situation here is the following :
- I have two users USER 1 and USER 2
- With USER 1, from my workstation, I can connect to the Teradata server either by using SQL Assistant or BTEQ

I have looked at the new Studio 14.02, but it seems that it has only the Teradata connection. Is it not possible to select an ODBC connection like in the Teradata SQL Assistant? How do I select a ODBC connection? I like to select a ODBC connection that I have setup in the Control panel … Data sources (ODBC) … System-DSN.
Peter Schwennesen

Hello ,
We have a java program that connects to Teradata using the ODBC Drivers and uses Global Temprory Tables for retrieving data for a Report
The Global Temprory Tables have been created with a preserve rows after commit option
here are the steps in the program

Alright. So I looked at this page: http://developer.teradata.com/doc/connectivity/tdnetdp/14.10/webhelp/EntityProviderCanonicalFunctions.html. It mentions that canonical functions for .NET 4.0 are supported under the "Teradata" namespace. Where in the world is this namespace?

I am trying to add Teradata in vs 2010. Can anyone please help me?