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Hi ...i have installed Teradata SQL assistant 13.10 , but i couldn't able to connect because it is asking me username and password and also ip address...can you please help me what i should give here for username, password and ip address

I just installed Teradata Express 13 VMWare instance. Everything installed and works fine, except I am unable to connect to the dbc database via a Teradata 13 JDBC driver. The URL supplied is:  "jdbc:teradata://localhost/DBS_PORT=1025,DATABASE=dbc,CHARSET=UTF8".
Please advise?
Thanks... Vince

Hi, I am able to create the cubes using the TDOLEDB provider in Analysis Service and only come across the following error when processing the cubes. "The provider 'TDOLEDB.1' is not registered."

I am running the following configurations

- Windows 7

- Database: Teradata on VMware

Asterdata extension framework mentions about installing ado.net drivers and they mention referencing nClusterDNProvider.dll file for the provider...however after finishing the install I dont see the file anywhere...  teh document doesnot mention any location adn searching my computer yields no result...

Has anyone had any luck installing the TeraData JDBC drivers on WebLogic 12c?  Are Teradata JDBC drivers supported in WebLogic 12c?

Is there a list of error codes (and the associated messages) of all the SQLExceptions that the Teradata JDBC driver throws? I can't find it anywhere in the documentation...

Hi All,

I have installed Teradata ODBC driver version "" and unixODBC-2.3.1 on SunOS and able to execute the queries from isql but unable to fetch the data using dblink.


From dg4odbc trace file I am finding the below message,

hgopoer, line 231: got native error 0 and sqlstate IM001; message follows...

We are using Teradata database 12 as our production database and as part of policy we are required to see if we can upgrade JRE to 1.7
I have seen prior posts for Teradata database compatibility metrics with JDBC but couldn’t see Teradata database compatibility with JRE or JDK versions.

i am trying to connect to Teradata using JDBC from my Linux server using Pentaho and i get the following error.
can you please help
GSSException: Failure unspecified at GSS-API level (Mechanism level: UserFile parameter null)
        at com.teradata.tdgss.jtdgss.TdgssParseXml.<init>(Unknown Source)

Hi All,
After creating a connection using the Teradata .Net Provider, how to know what is the session id/number of the session/connection created ?
Thank You.

Hi all,
when i tried a normal connection in script shell like point 1 no errors occurs.
when i add .logmech string (point 2) for mechanism LDAP the connection failure and errors occurs(see point 3 for spool).
bteq <<EOI
         .LOGON server/emyuser,mypwd;
Select date;

I apologize if this is a repeat topic, I tried to search through the forums here and found nothing useful about this topic.

Where can I download a .NET Data Provider instead of version, Thank you.

Hello I issued the following command on the Teradata Express Suse VM to test my ODBC setup, I have installed unixODBC and Teradata 64 bits drivers:
TDExpress14.0_Sles10:~ # isql -v testdsn vmtest vmtest
| Connected!                            |

I received this error when i run the query on my app, but when i run the same query on teradata studio, it run fine. Why???
I use jdbc driver for run this query.

I'm interacting with Teradata through Entity Framework using the .NET Data Provider for Teradata. I've got some long running queries that require a longer-than-default timeout period, so I've been setting the ObjectContext.CommandTimeout property to cater for this.

who can tell me how to make biee connect to teradata, is there some tools or some document?

Hello, I have written a script utility that inserts and updates to a Teradata 13 database and I'm currently using the .NET Data Provider for Teradata   We're about to upgrade to TD 14 soon.   I'm planning to upgrade to the .NET Data Provider 14 soon, but I'm going to be out of the office for a couple of weeks and my other co-workers use this ut

Under Windows XP SP3, when I use Teradata SQL Assistant and TSET connect to a Teradata Database, it alerts "no default driver specified", system can't find Teradata ODBC driver but I installed it already, Do you give me some help ?

I am trying to reverse engineer from Teradata to VISIO 2010. I get the following error. "You are using a VISIO ODBC Generic Driver" driverto connect with a Teradata DBMS data source. By using an incompatible driver,it is possible that catalog information retrieved will be incomplete. I chose Teradata in the ODBC Generic Driver setup

Hi Team,
    I am very new to Ms Access and teradat database as well.  As part of my requirement i have to connect from MS Access [version 2010] database to Teradata database [Version] to managge the data present in the Teradata database.

I am working on a small development project and trying to port a SQL Server .NET to Teradata. It utilizes the NHibernate add-on to handle the mapping between the database and POCO classes.
I saw some posts on some forums (via Google) and see references that "creating a suitable dialect wouldn't be too hard".

Hey all,
having an issue with connecting to the teradata 13 server with bteq
if i do this
.LOGON localhost/dbc,dbc
*** Error: Invalid Logon!
but if it try this
UserId: dbc
Password: dbc
*** Logon Sucessfully complete

I connected Excel to my Teradata table and I get all of my data but every other row in my data set under one column of data, TIME1, is 0:00 instead of an actual time like 8:00. My data table in TD displays the correct timestamp for all rows of data but when I refresh the link in my excel file every other row under that one column TIME1 is 0:00 ?


SSAS DataSource View with .net data provider for Teradata doesn't
display tables in "select tables and views".
The conection test is Ok and explorer data is ok too, but when create the datasource view doesn't display nothing.
S.O:Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 - Standard x64 Edition Service Pack 2
Microsoft SQL Server

I need to run the below queries using a single Connection Wizard, but it gies error :
Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement.
Please advice...it's urgent!!!
ProfileName VARCHAR(128)

Hi, I need to download version but I can't seem to find a place to get it. The latest version in Developers Exchange is .00.35 but due to support issues I can only use versions of 13.10 betweem .00.00 and 00.10
Anyone knows where should I go find those versions?

In our Teradata community we have a variety of Teradata JDBC 13 and 13.10 releases coupled with JREs ranging from 1.4 to 1.6 in various supported combinations.  

Hi Teame
I am new to teradata, I haved DB2, in which for connection to DB is quite easy, just call profile and connect to db and we can use UNIX command after SQL if need to do with that.

I have installed Teradata 13.1 on a new machine. It appeared to install correctly. It is using Windoes 7 enterprise with a 64 bit operating system. When I attempt to use it I get an ODBC Call Failed error. Ideas?

I need to connect , OBIEE RPD  with teradata database. My OBIEE server is in Linux.
I need to install ODBC driver for Teradata in Linux.
I have downloaded the odbc software from "http://downloads.teradata.com/download/connectivity/odbc-driver/linux"
But the read me files says , ODBC installation depends on

Hi gurus,
I have an application where i have to download data from Teradata into SQL Server, update data in SQL Server and push it back to Teradata server.
I am able to import data from Teradata into SQL server using SQL Bulk Copy. I am trying to see how to push data to Teradata.

I have been looking for instructions on how to install the Teradata ODBC drive in a linux environement. I have Centos 6.4 installed with unixODBC 2.2.14 installed. I have downloaded the 64-bit ODBC drivers an attempted to install the TeraGSS, ICU and ODBC driver but I cannot connect using isql. I get the following error message: 

I'm just converting some Java JDBC code to use Teradata from DB2 - thought I would share a couple of things I found and ask for any other advice.
1) Remove "WITH UR" from your statements: DB2 supports uncommitted read in the syntax "WITH UR" at the end of a SQL statement, I guess Teradata does not recognize that syntax.

Hello - I got an error which sounds like it is supposed to mean I tried to insert an incompatible data type but I'm having trouble finding useful information about why the conversion failed.
Here's the error message:

Hi All
I'm an experienced SQL Server & data warehouse guy but am working with TD for the first time.
I'm trying to extract rows from a SQL server DB using SSIS & insert them into a TD table & I'm getting absolutely miserable performance (<1000rows/min).

Hi Dieter,
/* create New JDBC Data source for Teradata database in weblogic console*/
I downloaded JDBC Driver from teradata website and placed the jar files in my local system where i installed TTU but  NOT in server ( its not working ) 
Connection test failed.

Hi All,
I have installed Teradata 13.10 and i m using .NET data provider for connection. I am getting connection time out error when connecting database, though i m having access to the database.
11/04/2013 19:42:10
SQLA Version:

I am new to the forum so forgive me if this post seems remedial or incomplete.  We work with data coming from two types of data sources (MS SQL Severs, and Teradata Servers).  For a number of projects, we need to compare information across these two server types.  There are probably a number of ways to accomplish this but we are looking for an approach th

I am working on a Narrow Cast Server project in Microstrategy; teradata is the database. We have configured an ODBC connection to connect the NCS to teradata.
I get an ODBC error while trying to execute a multi pass sql using the ODBC connection. However, a simple query runs fine.  

Hi I installed the latest version of the .Net driver (14.10).
I have both VS 2010 and VS 2012 installed.
In VS 2010 the Server Explorer shows the .Net provider for Teradata but VS 2012 does not.
I was expecting the latest version to work with the Visual Studio 2012.
Can someone please clarify.

Hello. I'm working with some .NET code at the moment that performs the following operations:

I launched a Teradata 14 express on Amazon ec2 following instructions here: http://developer.teradata.com/database/articles/teradata-express-14-0-for-ec2-config-guide
When I try to connect through JDBC from an app, I get the following error. (This used to work fine with another instance last week.)

I have problem connectivity from data stage to Teradata database.
The error is "The connector could not establish connection to Teradata Server prdtdcop1. RDBMS Code 224MTDP : EM_NOHOST(224) ... "

Hi there,

Hi there,
I am still looking for a kind a compatibility table between Jdbc driver version level and Instance version level.
I would reckon jdbc drivers are not expected to be upward compatible (ie: using V12 versus instance level V14) and that it would be recommended to align Jdbc version level to Instance version level.