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Beginning with TD14 statistics are no longer stored in dbc.TVFields and dbc.Indexes, they have been moved into dbc.StatsTbl to facilitate several enhancements. A new view dbc.StatsV returns much of the information previously extracted in my StatsInfo query.

But of course this is still not enough information, at least not for me ;-)

To add or drop a column or modify the list of compressed values of an existing table is a quite expensive operation. For a large table it might result in a huge amount of CPU and IO usage and a loooooooong runtime. This blog discusses the pros and cons of the different ways to do it.

In a recent topic in the forums there was a question on "how to spell out numeric values in english" and an excerpt from the manuals indicating there is a format for the new TO_CHAR function in TD14: "Any numeric element followed by SP is spelled in English words."

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