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The System Health Equation in Teradata Viewpoint is an excellent way to quickly evaluate the overall health of a Teradata Database system.  The equation can incorporate metrics surrounding a variety of aspects of the system, including CPU, skew, AWTs, disk space, query activity, and node and VPROC status.  It is highly customizable so the equation can be tuned to accurately report the health based on what the DBA deems appropriate for each separate Teradata Database system.

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As part of the Viewpoint 15.00 release, the Viewpoint team built a brand new version of the Node Resources portlet.  The primary purpose of this portlet continues to be to identify skew on a Teradata Database system.  The original incarnation of this portlet required a fair amount of manual intervention in order to achieve this goal.  The new version of this portlet includes a simpler user interface and a new algorithm to identify skewed resources (or “outliers”) automatically.

Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture is a powerful combination of Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop in a single platform.  Viewpoint has always provided monitoring and management of Teradata systems and launched support for monitoring of Aster in Viewpoint 14.01.  In order to complete Viewpoint’s monitoring of the different systems in Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture, Viewpoint 14.10 includes support for monitoring of Hadoop running in this architecture.

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