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Are teradata XML Services available on IBM Z/OS?
My current project requires an extract from our mainframe based teradata warehouse as XML,
I found documentation for window and Linux based XML Services, these sound like the perfect solution for my current prroject, however I need a mainframe version. Does one exist?


Database Query Logging (DBQL) is a well-known logging infrastructure used for Workload Management, Performance Tuning, and Query Analysis. This presentation discusses how to log detailed Optimizer plan information - formerly only available via the Query Capture Facility (QFC) - into a new DBQL table called "DBQLXMLTbl". We will demonstrate how this new information stored in XML, can be used to gain better insight into your workload. Learn how to unlock the detailed optimizer plan information using Teradata XML Services UDFs and stored procedures.

Teradata XML Services (TXS) extends the database’s XML capabilities focusing on transforming data between its XML and relational representations. Two key components of XML Services are: