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I tried to issue the query banding statement along with my SQL query in a single transaction, like:
SET QUERY_BAND='AppName=B;'FOR Session;SELECT ....

This ran successfully in the Teradata SQL Assistant but not in Teradata Administrator as well as not in my application which uses JDBC connection via Teradata's JDBC driver.

Hello All,

When running some reports against the below version of Teradata, I am getting the following error. It seems to happen when the system is under load. A report which fires this error may run fine an hr later. I am pretty sure it's a connection or env limitation being hit but I am relitavely new to Teradata and need advice on how to troubleshoot from the DB side. I am very experienced with RDBMS just not that familiar with Teradata.


[NCR][Unix system error] 131 Socket error - Connection reset by peer, BufferLength = 512, TextLengthPtr = 69


I am trying to install the Teradata 13.0 ODBC drivers on a RedHat Linux 5 server (fresh install, no migration) to access a Teradata 12.0 database.

I am receiving a "Segmentation Fault" whenever I connect. I am currently using the sample adhoc provided by Teradata. I get the same error regardless of what software I use to connect.


I have installed teradata ODBC client "TTU 12.0 SOLARIS-x8664 tdodbc." on Solaris Intel platform.
The driver got installed correctly. And with other configurations (like LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting and ~/.odbc.ini configuration), I am able to connect to a teradata database and execute queries using the sample c++ program provided with the teradata client package.

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I need to install Teradata ODBC client on Solaris Intel platform.
Which one I should go for, from the list of clients mentioned in "Teradata Download Center"?


On Solaris I can't logon DB server via Teradata OBDC 13.0, even I input correct username and password.
It returns below error message:
Error: message = [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The parcel stream is invalid. , sqlstate = HY000, native code = -8019

I couldn't findTeradata OLE DB Provider 13.0 64 bit for Windows 2008 on the download site.


We installed this teradata driver:
on a windows 2008 box. It's a 64 bit teradata driver. But when I go to add a System DSN in ODBC, none of the Teradata drivers show up as choices. Any ideas as to why the no show?


I have installed 64 bit Teradata ver on a 64 bit Windows Server 2003 R2 server in the following order (not an upgrade):
TDICU, TeraData GSS client, ODBC Driver, .Net Provider for Teradata
I then installed the Teradata SQL Assistant which appears to have installed in the Windows 32 bit path.
We created an ODBC connection via ODBC Administrator successfully with the Teradata driver recognized.
Opening Teradata SQL Assistant and making a connecting using .Net is successful. The ODBC connection does not show any data sources.

OK, so i want to pass parameters to the install when it runs to create a DSN entry etc.

Can this be done, as ive tried running with /V variable name=value but had no joy?

Please HELP

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hi ,

I am new to Teradata. I am trying to connect to Teradata DB using teradata driver. i am getting Error in DriverManager.getConnection() Method. I am not able to understand why this is comming. I have tried with the latest driver avaliable in net for teradata.

String url="jdbc:teradata:///AMRROCD"
Properties x = new Properties();
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection (url, x);--> I am getting Null Pointer Exception at this line .

hi ,

I am new to Teradata. I am trying to connect to Teradata DB using teradata driver. i am getting Error in DriverManager.getConnection() Method. I am not able to understand why this is comming. I have tried with the latest driver avaliable in net for teradata.

String url="jdbc:teradata:///AMRROCD"
Properties x = new Properties();
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection (url, x);--> I am getting Null Pointer Exception at this line .

We would like to create internal incidents in our Incident Management system when Teradata errors occur - Those reported on the AWS today.

This process is in place for errors tracked by MOM/SCOM.

Is it possible to use MOM/SCOM to report the errors generated by Teradata? (Restart, Node down...)



I'm from Teradata Japan.
I'd like to let you know about great library for Teradata-Ruby connection.

We have rocking programmer, he is one of the Ruby commiter, in our PS division and he made the library for Teradata-Ruby connection.

I have installed the icu libraries and GSS client succuessfully but i get the error:
Error 1720 There is a problem with the Windows installer package. A script required for this install could not be run.....Custom action uninstall_pre_version6432, script error 214682823

It works perfect with x86 odbc driver, but failed with x8664 odbc driver.

Does anyone has suggestion on this issue? I had installed tdicu, teragss and td odbc driver.

Error message is 'Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126 (Teradata)'


I am using TD .NET provider 12.x and have stored procedures. All my SPs have IN & OUT parameters. In my understanding, TD has a strange way to returning the OUT params as a dataset & it works fine. When I have SP that delete records from a table, and also returns OUT params.

When I execute this Sp from .NET, I get a empty dataset (tables = 0). On checking the data, it actually deletes the data correctly. But how can I know that records are deleted? I don't want to unnecessarily check the data for delete confirmation.

any help is appreciated. Thanks.

SP Code:

Are there any restrictions using MERGE via ODBC? I have MERGE statement which returns an error:

"[NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The search condition must fully specify the Target table primary index and partition column(s) and expression must match INSERT specfication primary index and partition column(s)."

I connect to Teradata using ODBC and I would like to create very simple stored procedure. When I call SQLPrepare I receive error "[Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] Syntax error: Invalid SQL Statement.", but when I call the same CREATE PROCEDURE... statement using SQLExecDirect then it works.


Can someone pls help with the following.

Teradata service control is not able to retrieve session info as part of the verification step mentioned in the getting started manual. I followed the below steps to install TDW 12.0 today first time on my laptop with WINDOWS XP.

1. Installed all softwares listed. Installation was successful except .NET Framework 2.0 SP1, which threw an error while installing it. Restarted the system.
2. started the Teradata DB initiator thru Services.msc.


When I tried to install the Teradata ODBC Driver Bit) in the Windows 2008 R2 and tried to run through the QlikView, Iam getting this error "Error: SQL Error:Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126: The specified module could not be found. (Teradata, C:\Program Files\Teradata\Client\13.0\ODBC Driver for Teradata\Lib\tdata32.dll)."

I found that the file is available in the specified location. Please clarify whether Teradata ODBC driver 64 bit is compatible with the windows 2008 R2.

The Release Note of "Teradata .NET Data Provider" says it support OSs below. Then it means this version will not support R2 editions?

Client Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 x86
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x86
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard x86 Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x86 Edition
Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise SP1 x86 Edition

Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 Edition


I have an application in linux which needs connect to teradata database via iodbc driver manager. I downloaded the teradata odbc driver and I did a connection test with the iodbctest utility but I couldn't connect and I received an error message with non-printable characters.

Does anyone know where I can find the following info related to the JMS Adapter:
- How many customers do we have using it?
- Best practices or lessons learned?


I am working in oracle Pl/Sql
I am new to teradata.
Two months back i did tera data V2R5 exams.
That means i have theoritical knowledge only.

In theory i read so many tools like BTEQ, CLI, etc

Can anyone guide me how i can start and on which tool?
I am in windows platform.

Thanks in advance.


I need to provide default database name in the connection string to connnect using Teradata OLEDB provider in ASP.Net.

Currently I am using following String:

in web.config.

But the problem is when I connect using this , I always get connected to Default Database mentioned example say if I have Databases X,Y,Z on same box and X database is set as default I am getting connected to X only while I want to connect to Y database.

Has anyone successfully integrated the TD12 or TD13 .NET provider into VS2010 Beta? I realize it is not going to be supported as VS2010 is still in beta. I can use it, but I was hoping for a little tighter integration on par with VS2008.


Hello everybody

Here it is the problem :

I install
- the odbc drivers 12 install on solaris 10 (sparc)
- teradata 12
- unixODBC (2.2.14).


I am trying to connect Teradata from Linux Red Hat ( LAMP-Installation ) via ODBC-Driver.
isql works fine, but i cant connect Teradata with PHP.

SQL error : SQl State in 00000 in SQLConnect ...

( Teradata ODBC Version 13.0 - Red Hat 4.0 )

Has anybody working a PHP/Teradata Connection and know a solution ?

When i try to call the stored procedure "ACEREWARDS_CUSTOMERPREF(?)", it throws error "something missing between "(" and "?" ", i dont know what it exactly looking for. If i removed the "(?)", it throws "stored procedure does not exists.
I am using Terdata.Client.Provider 13.0 in C#.NET3.5.
Any suggestions.

Hi,I'm trying to install ODBC driver 12.0 on my Windows server. I installed the GSS and the shared libraries. When installing the ODBC driver, it stalled at deleting backup files for over 2 hours. So, I stopped it using task manager. I rebooted and retried the installation. I get the error that "The installation wizard was interrupted. No changes were made to the system. If you want to install this at a later time, please start the wizard again". I tried uninstalling the GSS and shared libraries, rebooted and then reinstall. Same error however many times I try. Please help. This worked on other servers, just this one server. Do I need to clear out registry entries? If so, could you please let me know how to do that and what I need to do?Thanks,VP

Does anyone know where I might find help for ALL the Input paramameters in the ODCB setup for Windows? The User help file I found for ODBC on the Teradata Support site just says "make editing changes". But doesn't say anything in detail about the different parameters, and there's a lot of them!

Hi all,I have installed Teradata Demo version 12.0 in my PC. While i compiled a simple stored procedure the following error was prompted.Error: C/C++ compiler is not installed.Does C/C++ compiler is required for running Stored Procedure?Where can i get this compiler and in which folder should i install in my PC.Thanks,TmrModest.

Dear users,Per recent communication, we are pleased to announce the consolidation/merger of the Teradata Discussion Forums and the Teradata Developer Exchange Forums. The integration of the forums will create a single location - http://forums.teradata.com - for you to participate in Teradata Forums to exchange ideas with your peers and to get access to important Teradata information.We expect the migration to occur on the weekend of February 20th, 2010.We will be migrating across all legacy forum content, and will migrate your user account as well. For users that do not already have an account on Teradata Developer Exchange ( http://developer.teradata.com ), we will create an account using your existing Teradata Forums details, and will generate a new temporary password for you. These new account details will be emailed to you.Please watch for additional notices that will provide information on timing, accessing and using your forum account. To read more about the consolidation visit: http://developer.teradata.com/blog/neilotoole/2010/02/teradata-forums-migration-imminentThank you for your patience during this process, and we look forward to seeing you on the new Teradata Forums.- The Teradata Forums team

Hi,I tried to connect Teradata 12 Database from Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.2 64 bit. I have installed drivers in this sequence:tdicu__linux_indep. have also installed but, when I try to connect to my DB i receive the error:Connect failed.Error type: Odbc error. Odbc operation attempted: SQLDriverConnect. [IM003:0: on HDBC] [DataDirect][ODBC lib] Specified driver could not be loadedMy odbc.ini is as follow:----------------------------[ODBC]InstallDir=/opt/teradata/client/ODBC_32/Trace=0TraceDll=/opt/teradata/client/ODBC_32/lib/odbctrac.soTraceFile=/MSTR/bin/odbctrace.outTraceAutoStop=0[ODBC Data Sources]default=tdata.sosvil=tdata.so[svil]Driver=/opt/teradata/client/ODBC_32/lib/tdata.soDescription=Teradata_12_ServerDBCName=10.XX.XX.XXX LastUser=Username=Password=Database=DefaultDatabase=[default]Driver=/opt/teradata/client/ODBC_32/lib/tdata.soDescription=Teradata_12_ServerDBCName=10.XX.XX.XXX LastUser=Username=Password=Database=DefaultDatabase=----------------------------My question is: is Teradata ODBC Driver ver.13 (I tried also with 12 and 8) supperted on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 64 bit platform?Many thanks in advance.

Is their any free utility to compare tables/data of two different databases (sql server and teradata)?

i have windows server 2008 64 bit version and there i have installed teradata 13 driver. when I run select query the special characters is convert to some junk character but in other machine it works fine. do i have to do any settings on the server specific to language. please help.

This is the connection string an application using VB 6 uses to open a connection: "Driver={Teradata};DBCNAME=" & lsDB & ";UID=" & lsUID & ";pwd=" & lsPWord & ";DATAENCRYPTION=Y;"How do I open a DSNless connection for VB.NET?

I need to query on up to 10,000 different values :SELECT * from MYTABLE where COL1=? OR COL1=? OR COL1=? ...Is there a maximum number of parameters that can be passed, or a maximum length to the query string?Is there any configuration or tuning that might help that type of a query?I understand that I could obtain the same result with multiple query executions with fewer parameters, but the selection is on non-indexed columns therefore each query execution is going to require a full-table scan, so the less query executions the better.Thanks, - Mike

I migrated to Windows 7 64 bit, while every other piece of software works, Teradata doesnt. Its the CLI that doesnt install on Windows 7 no matter what compatibility mode i have it set to.Is Teradata aware of this and is there any solution ?Thanks.

Hi,We are currently working in host mainframe applications that runs on the Teradata database.We have a situation where some of the data are being encrypted in a Unix C application usnig RSA encryption.They also have the decryption routine and the key. Is it possible for us to call this RSA decryption routine in Teradata box.

Test Case:Table INDATA with two column X,Y. Create table OUTDATA with two columns S and D which are sum and difference of X and Y respectively.Using SLQ the problem can be solved easily as CREATE TABLE OUTDATA AS ( SELECT X+ Y AS S, X - Y AS D FROM INDATA ) WITH DATATable INDATA is populated with 100K rows for this experiment.On dual-core Vista laptop (Dell XPS) the SQL statement above takes 0.285 seconds to execute.Java Variable TABLE UDF can be used to do the same calculations. Java class has a function "evaluate" with two inputs and outputs (the complete code is attached);class Example { public static void calculate( double x, double y, double[] sum, double[] diff) { …. }}The SQL query with Java UDF is CREATE TABLE OUTDATA AS ( SELECT * FROM TABLE (evaluate(INDATA.X, INDATA.Y)) AS t ) WITH DATAOn the same hardware the query above takes 42 seconds, i.e. 150 times slower than SQL query without UDF.I tried to investigate further the performance bottleneck. It is not possible to connect java profiler tool to Teradata database so I had to resolve to crude System.nanoTimer() for performance measurements.Here is the summary of the results:Evaluate is called 400K +4 times. (two AMPs) 100K times is called with phase=TBL_INIT 100K times is called with phase=TBL_BUILD and actual row is calculated 100K times is called with phase=TBL_BUILD and SQL exception "02000" is thrown 100K times is called with phase=TBL_FINITime spent within each function400K constructor new Tbl() 4 sec400K getPhase() 6 sec200K tbl.getCtxObject/ tbl.setCtxObject 10 sec100K actual calculations <0.1 sec400K total time within evaluate 22 secTime spend outside of Java within Teradata itself 22 secAs you could see there is a huge overhead for EACH call. For the actual application I would have more input/outputs and 10 mln rows. Even if I assume that overhead does not increase with the number of parameters I would estimate that overhead would take more than one 1 hour on Vista. I have not run the experiments on the actual production Teradata yet. Here are my questions:1. Should I expect the same overhead on production Teradata (i.e. Teradata hardware), may be divided over the number of AMPs?2. Am I doing something wrong and is there a better approach to accomplish the same? 3. Does Teradata have any plans to address the performance bottleneck? Any recommendation how I can minimize the overhead?4. I noticed in the documentation that for C/C++ UDF you can run the functions INPROCESS. I did not find any such option for Java. Does it exist?

Hi all,According to install desc(http://www.presicient.com/tdatdbd/), I installed DBD-Teradata-Cli-12.001 to connect teradata.But it was failure. Could anyone help me to resolve ?Red Hat AS4Perl 5.8.8DBI-1.609Btw, I can connect teradata by using BTEQ in it.[int3336@cnsz040473 DBD-Teradata-Cli-12.001]$ perl Makefile.PL *** Configuring DBD::Teradata::Cli ...***************************************************************** !!!NOTE TO INSTALLERS!!!** DBD::Teradata::Cli will be built using the following* directives:* Libraries: -L/opt/teradata/client/lib -lcliv2 -lnet -lsocket -lresolv -ltdusr.so* Include files: -I/opt/teradata/client/include* Compile flags: -D__error_t_defined=1** If your CLI2 libraries and/or include files are in another* location, please update the TDAT_DBD_CLI_LIB and* TDAT_DBD_CLI_INC environment variables before running* Makefile.PL.****************************************************************Checking for DBI, 1.40 or later ... okNote (probably harmless): No library found for -lnetNote (probably harmless): No library found for -lsocketNote (probably harmless): No library found for -ltdusr.soThe following is for your reference.[int3336@cnsz040473 bin]$ envHOSTNAME=cnsz040473AUTO_DB=ETLTERM=xtermSHELL=/bin/bashHISTSIZE=1000SSH_CLIENT= 2493 22OLDPWD=/wls/int3336/ETLSSH_TTY=/dev/pts/1USER=int3336LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/odbc/drivers:/usr/odbc/lib:/opt/teradata/client/lib:/opt/te radata/tdicu/lib:/opt/teradata/teragss/redhatlinux-i386/;34:ln=00;36:pi=40;33:so=00;35:bd=40;33;01:cd=40;33;0 1:or=01;05;37;41:mi=01;05;37;41:ex=00;32:*.cmd=00;32:*.exe=00;32:*.com=00;32:*.b tm=00;32:*.bat=00;32:*.sh=00;32:*.csh=00;32:*.tar=00;31:*.tgz=00;31:*.arj=00;31: *.taz=00;31:*.lzh=00;31:*.zip=00;31:*.z=00;31:*.Z=00;31:*.gz=00;31:*.bz2=00;31:* .bz=00;31:*.tz=00;31:*.rpm=00;31:*.cpio=00;31:*.jpg=00;35:*.gif=00;35:*.bmp=00;3 5:*.xbm=00;35:*.xpm=00;35:*.png=00;35:*.tif=00;35:AUTO_HOME=/wls/int3336/ETLTMOUT=900MAIL=/var/spool/mail/int3336PATH=/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/wls/int3336/binTD_ICU_DATA=/opt/teradata/tdicu/libAUTO_SERVER=ETL1INPUTRC=/etc/inputrcPWD=/wls/int3336/ETL/binLANG=en_USAUTO_SERVER_IP= 2493 22LESSOPEN=|/usr/bin/lesspipe.sh %sAUTO_DSN=etlcop1TDAT_DBD_CLI_INC=/opt/teradata/client/includeG_BROKEN_FILENAMES=1AUTO_AGENT_PORT=6346_=/bin/env[int3336@cnsz040473 bin]$ cd /opt/teradata/client/lib[int3336@cnsz040473 lib]$ lsclispb.dat errmsg.cat errmsg.txt libcliv2.so libpm.so libtdusr.so[int3336@cnsz040473 lib]$ cd /opt/teradata/teragss/redhatlinux-i386/ lib[int3336@cnsz040473 lib]$ lsjava libgssp2td1.so libldap.so libtdgss.so tcllibgssp2ldap.so libgssp2td2.so libloadtdgss.a libtdstcl.so[int3336@cnsz040473 lib]$ cd /opt/teradata/client/include[int3336@cnsz040473 include]$ lsbtnfyext.h coperr.h dbca2px.h dbcerr.h mldnfyxt.h parcel.h pmddamt.hcliv2if.h coptypes.h dbcarea.h dbchqep.h mosiif.h pmdcomt.h pmtypes.hThanks.Sky

Hi,We have teradata12 installed on my machine. I am trying to connect to teradata from a java application. When i try to connect through JDBC, i can connect. But when we try to connect using jndi, i am getting the error as:Error occured while trying to connect to the databaseInvalid JNDI connection stag : [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1000] [SQLState 08S01] Login failure for Connection to Wed Dec 02 16:31:58 GMT+05:30 2009 socket cid=5113f0 sess=0 java.net.UnknownHostException: at java.net.Inet4AddressImpl.lookupAllHostAddr(Native Method)JNDI is defined as:stag/type=javax.sql.DataSourcestag/driver=com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriverstag/url=jdbc:teradata:// let me know if i am missing any step.Regards,Rajiv Gupta

I am looking to write a simple UDF in Teradata 13 Express.This method will take in 2 parameters, both of these will be the type ST_Geometry.I am looking for a tutorial which will guide me through the following process:1. Obtaining the C/++ Headers for Teradata2. Writing the Source code (C/++)3. Compiling to what format?4.

I have installed the Teradata .NET driver 13.01 and have tested it using the NDQuery from a desktop machine. The connection to the server works and I am able to run queries also. But, I need to have the driver installed on a server grade machine, and on that machine, the NDQuery app times out and fails when I specify the same connection parameters. I am guessing that firewall is blocking some ports, but am not clear what ports need to be opened.Interestingly enough, there is also an ODBC client installed, which does allow the connection to go through successfully. I was told that the ODBC client communicates on port 1025 which is open for the machine. Does the .NET provider use a different port? Which port? Any other suggestions on what I may try to troubleshoot?Thanks.-vz

Hi all,I want to install teradata expression edition on my windows 7 machine. but it say windows does not support. so what should I do?please helpbig apple