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Keep getting this INFO Level Log in my Glassfish Application Server.
Some research show me that this behavior is related to a method called getClientInfoProperties() when this method is not fully implemented.

I'm trying to understand if there's a setting in Teradata that controls the tmp space when a Teradata connection is configured using Teradata.

Hi, I have a Linux machine with Teradata client 14.10 which works nicely with the database.
On another Linux machine where client 15.10 is installed, I cannot connect to the same database using the same connection string.
The error I get is "STATE=632, CODE=0, MSG=523 630", which, unfortunately, is not too helpful.

I can connect to a Teradata db instance using a DSN entry.  When I reference that same DSN entry in an adodb connection string the .Open command generates the error "Not enough information to log on"  

    Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection


    conn.ConnectionString = "DSN=TDFADS_SYS" 


I have a TPUMP process that reads from MQ using the below parameters:


         ERRLIMIT 5000

         ERRORTABLE xyz

         CHECKPOINT 5

         SESSIONS 60

         TENACITY 1

         latency 0 notimerprocess


         PACK 60;

Hello everyone,
I have lately install an ODBC connection on a new server that we have set up.
I connect to the database through Qlikview (a datavisualisation tool), it works well except when I want to use a teradata function.
For example:

When i am trying to connect to Teradata database, an error is popped up saying:
ODBC Error: Socket 60 error, No response received.

The error message is attached below.  The main issue is that I have existing code that's working locally (surprise!) but when deployed to a different machine, I'm getting these connection timeouts.  Ping is good from the same client, but I acknowledge that firewall settings may be an issue, still.

I am having problems using the SET QUERY_BAND via ODBC. I need to use it followed by a SELECT statement in a production context. I am not at liberty to change the SQL code nor post the actual code, but I have created a very basic equivalent to illustrate the problem.
If I use the following code

It is  the first time that I am trying to install JDBC Driver 15.10... How to setup the correct path installation of these drivers (  terajdbc4.jar     ,   tdgssconfig.jar  ) in a WIn7 (64bit)
I don't have the option to access what it is said in the followinf link 

I'm querying a large table with 99 columns of different types and expect to get a resultset of 3000 records. If I use a TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE ResultSet and iterate through it calling the next() method inside a while loop, It seems that after the second fetch to the database, the result set gets corrupted.

I'm interested in using SQL Assistant to connect to two different databsaes.
My steps are as follows:
1) Using the connect icon => Connect to Teradata
2)  run Teradata SQL
2) Using the disconnect icon => Disconnect from Teradata
3) Using the connect icon => Connect to MS Access database
4) run Access sql.

I'm attempting to connect MS Accses to a Teradata table with the intention of viewing an object in a BLOB field I have stored there. 
I'm connecting Access to Teradata through a System DSN connction using Teradata driver
My method was to link the table in Access to Teradata through this connection.

I have an Excel tool that I use that connects to Teradata and brings back database information to the spreadsheet. This has been working just fine with the following connection string:-
' Create the Connection object
    Set Conn = New ADODB.Connection

I am trying to read data from Teradata DB in a MapReduce job using the JDBC Driver. I get the following exception/stack trace:
Provided connection string: jdbc:teradata://teradata/database=dbname

java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: null

Has anybody ever done connecting into Teradata Database and accessing it from IBMi AS400 ( using programming language RPGLE ).
I need help, guidance.

In order to solve a database issue, Teradat will be upgraded to 15.10 from 15.00
Can we continue to use our 15.00 to connect (i.e. is it offically supported?)

Trying to use ODBC 15.10 on RHL I'm getting the error :
useridX@nomemacchina ~ $ tdxodbc64  -t

Enter Data Source Name: TDDSN
Enter UserID: userid
Enter Password:

Connecting with SQLConnect(DSN=TDDSN,UID=userid,PWD=*)...

After installing ODBC driver 15.10 (tried 15.00 too) on a MAC, I tried to connect to a Teradata server and got the following error.
u'[28000] [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The UserId, Password or Account is invalid. '

I am using Teradata JDBC Driver (
I have created a column for a table with data type TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE ( It has the time with HH:MM:SS(upto 6 digits) + Timezone
When I fetch the resulset through JDBC I am missing the precision of seconds and also the timezone.

I am getting a around 200/500 lines of query results that is DDLs etc returned from my dot net query.  It works on SQL assistant okay. When I send it using the below query I only get the first DDL and not other DDLs.
Any idea, if this is a limitation or any setting that I need to take a look?
Here is my code:

Hi All,
I have a requirement to compare sample Teardata records from one table with another table in netezza. The process which I am following currently is :
- using SQL assistant export around 500 records from Teardata table in an excel

Hi All,
I tried connecting through SQL developer for TERADATA db ..I am having following error message when making a new connection
"Status :Failure-Test Failed :[Teradata JDBC Driver][TeraJDBC 15:00:00:28][Error 1000] [SQL State 08S01] Login failure to connection to servername timestamp socket.org"

Using VS 2010 with Teradata 14.x client.   Issuing teradata queries from c# and capturing the results.   I am noticing that I can't issue a drop table from dot.net.   It doesn't give an error for a drop table it just doesn't execute the command.   I am "cmd.ExecuteNonQuery" . Anything else to try?

My company is running an R-Studio Server Pro on a Red Hat Linix 6 platform (64bit) and a Teradata 14 RDBMS. When trying to connect via RJDBC, I get an error that seems to be well known in the forums, but the standard recipes for resolving the issues don't help. Here is how I connect to the Teradata DB:

I have a linked table in my Access database to a table on our Teradata server that works fine, but I want to limit the rows coming across the wire so I created a pass-through query using the same ODBC connection.
For some reason, it returns different results without the most recent data.  The row count of the table is lower.


Can anyone share instructions to install teradata ODBC driver in cygwin enviroment.

I am trying to install and tryout Teradata for Python Module  and getting the following error.

I believe this is because of missing ODBC. 


As the title says, the driver fails connecting on a RHEL 5-64bit system in a custom directory, running tdxodbc64, and gives the above error, like so:

I'm trying to get my SSIS environment connecting to Teradata after installing some Oracle tools, and it's not going well.  I've reinstalled Attunity's drivers, the Teradata tools, and the Teradata ODBC and .NET drivers, and my BIDS environment still says No connectivity to Teradata is available.

Often it is necessary to create a connection to the Teradata database and want to automate this process.
Use teradata ODBC Driver

I'm new to TeraData and need to call a Macro from C# using the .Net Provider.
I wasn't able to find any sample code, and not sure what the correct way to do this.
I don't want toe send "exec macroName(param1)" from my code, I would like to have something similar to the way i call procedures.

I've been trying to use the TTU 15 tools iwth Windows 10, and while SQL Assistant ("Queryman") in native Teradata mode works fine, I can't get it to work in ODBC; nor will Teradata Admin work.

One nice feature of the JDBC driver is the ability to specify how much logging output goes to stdout. For those who aren't familiar, you can pass LOG=DEBUG to get extremely detailed info from Teradata about how your queries are performing.



I can successfully connect to DB2 using my odbc files. But when I try it with Teradata I get the following error:

Hi Experts
I am pretty new in Teradata, I have just installed Teradata Express for VMware
Can I configure this Teradata environment to connect from my Laptop? And not from inside of the VM?
Please can you share the procedure to configure this environment?
Thank you

I am facing this issue on Red Hat Linux Server while connecting using R onto Teradata 14.10.
I am using R-3.2.1 and Teradata 14.10 client. Also installed RODBC package.
Below is the error I am noticing:
$ R
> library(RODBC)
> db <- odbcConnect("testdsn", uid = "userid", pwd = "password")
Warning message:

Using com.teradata.jdbc.TeraConnectionPoolDataSource for pool based datasource in a application. Below are the configurations..
       <property name="minPoolSize" value="2" />
        <property name="maxPoolSize" value="60" />
        <property name="maxStatements" value="100" />

Getting "305 NOREQUEST Specified request does not exist." Error while creating Volatile table through SAS connection string.
What could be the issue ?
Thanks in Advance.

Hello All,
We are trying to setup Kerberos client on a Teradata VM. We have followed all the steps mentioned in info.Teradata

Hello Teradata experts,

I'm now working on optimization of loading of data into Teradata.

Hi All,
My name is Srinath I have installed TTU 13.10 in linux Server . For the first time of installation it was successful but we had few issues so had to uninstall or remove the TTU and TPT and install in different path. 

Just wondering why the string function LEFT() doesn't work with the Teradata .NET provider in both versions of SQL Assistant V13.x and v14.x.  It works perfectly well when use ODBC with SQL Assistant the same function.  I had to convert to substr() to make it work for both ODBC and Teradata .NET.  Unfortunately I'm forced to use ODBC at the client side. 

Hi Everyone,

It is a strange issue, I am loading few records from SAP source to Target TD table through Informatica after ABAP generation. Now the issue is that every time I load with any range of Data reading from param file, its always the first 2 records gets rejected.

Hi All ,
I m trying to connect to TERADATA server from SSIS using .Net Providers\.Net data provider for TERADATA. After giving the server name and credentials i m getting the below error.