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I am connecting to Teradata via JDBC and LDAP using the following URL format:

I have been developing a demo MVC application and trying it to connect to Teradata Database. But I have been failing since long . I tried whatever I could do as a newbie to this field but apparently have not been able to solve the problem.

I have a new laptop with Windows 7 64bit and MS Visio 2010 64bit.
How do I get Visio to see Teradata? Teradata isn't one of the Visio Database Driver options listed.
Here is what I have on my laptop so far:
Version                 Display Name

Hi all,
our customer is building a mobile application and is requesting our ok for them using JPA.
Here are the rulse they are sugesting to make it work in a performant manner. Is there anyone out there who could review them and point us pitfalls / problems that could arise from JPA usage...

To whom it may concern,
The dev team here are trying to implementing the solution for publishing medium/high volumn of the data into Teradata database (insert and update statements @ around  /hour) via jdbc transaction.
The connection string that's used is normal JDBC Connection string:

Having major issues with ODBC driver 15
we've recently upgraded to Win 7 64bit machines from Win XP 32 bit machines.
On the old machines, using ODBC driver 8 the following worked in VBA
adodb.connection.Open "DSN=" & "DW Master" & ";" & _
                   "Uid=" & user & ";" & _

I am using JDBC FastLoad to transfer data between different teradata environments.
I have been hitting an error message:

I try to connect PerformancePoint 2010  to Teradata. I did'nt find how to connect it. 
I already try this : 
- To connect with standard connexion
- To connect with connexion string like this "Provider=Teradata;Database=DataBase_Name;Data Source=Data_Source;USER ID=User_Name;Password=Password;"

I am trying to insert data into a table using a .Net DataAdapter.  The following simplified example shows my problem (hopefully)
The DataTable has 3 columns
Now the insert command sql for the DataAdapter is the following (and works in Sql Assistant with values)

I am very new to teradata. Please help me. 
Is it possible to connect to teradata using Entity framework 6.0. 
If so, is there any sample application or source code(some kind of tutorial) for reference.
Previn S

I could enable the driver trace on Linux. (modify the odbc.ini file.)
But for windows, do we have the same functionality? I did not see it. Enable DSN Tracing is not the option in windows.
I need to see SQL and function calls to the driver from application. Any idea?

Hi everyone,
I'm pretty green at this field but I have to create a table from a select statement i've made and it has to be done though a
stored procedure.
I'm wondering if someone nows any good ToDo-guides I can use. I have no experience so far regarding what the key stones are in

How do i set-up the JDBC drivers on Cognos and Teradata database? I've downloaded the jdbc drivers but i don't know how to set them up in both Cognos and Teradata database. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks :) 

Since it appears SQL Assistant is still available only in 32-bit version (TD 14/15 clients), it attempts to connect to Oracle's 32-bit ODBC.
On 32-bit Windows platforms everything is peachy.

Hi all,
I installed Teradata express 13.0 (not vmware) on Win7.
I run TD Service Control - it ends up as: "PDE state is RUN/READY".
I executed sysinit and after restart my configuration is 2 AMPs and 1 PE, all are Online:
(under vprocmanager: STATUS NOTONLINE

All DBS vprocs are fully online.

I am trying to run my query after my linked table in Access 2007 is done and all is fine. I get an ODBC call failed periodically. It normally happens during business hours. On the weekends, early morning, it is fine. Others on my team sometimes get it and sometimes they don't.

I am trying to query some Teradata data in SQL Server. When doing so, I get an error, "Cannot find either column "XDate" or the user-defined function or aggregate "XDate.ToString", or the name is ambiguous.

We are evaluating options to Extract/insert large volume of data (Millions of rows) from Teradata and process within a Java application.

Hi Experts ,
Is it possible to send multiple rows ( a table ) from .net environment to teradata environment .
I think it should be possible but as I am completely at DB side I have no idea of connections and .NET to teradata bridge .
Kindly help . Thanks in advance .

I got the TD 15 installed using '

Teradata Tools and Utilities - Windows Installation Package'
But i am getting the below error while connecting to SQL Assistant
'Unknown Error Occured in Terasso Libarary'
Kindly Advice.

Hi Guys,
I am strugling to connnect teradata usning python. I have a user ID and password in text file and i need to read the test file to connect to teradata.. could you please help me with theb syntax if anyone has already done this

Hi guys.
I have some troubles with ODBC driver. I'm facing error HY092 Invalid attribute when try to run SQLPrepare function.
My connection sting to Teradata: DRIVER={Teradata};DBCName=192.***;uid="dbc";pwd=********;QUIETMODE=YES;LoginTimeout=210;UseNativeLOBSupport=Yes;NoScan=Yes;

I have the following unit test which is failing due to a TdException with the message "[Teradata Database] [2689] Field is null for column defined as NOT NULL."

I am attempting to execute a parametrized non-query SQL command using TdCommand.ExecuteNonQuery().  The parameter in question is DbType.DateTimeOffset and TdType.TimestampWithZone; the parameter value was generated using DateTime.Now and appears to be completely defined (as verified via the Visual Studio debugger).

I am using Teradata jdbc driver to connect to Teradata data base from my java application. Couple of days back I got the following issue 'TeraResultSet:getTimestamp function failed'.

I'm using VBA and the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.6 Library to access our Teradata server using Teradata ODBC Driver

I'm looking at the Teradata Appliance for SAS High Performance Analytics, which I see is connected directly to the BYNET. Is it possible to connect other non-Teradata servers to the BYNET for connectivity, or is this specific to Teradata appliances?

I have a simple unit test which is failing the final assertion:

I am getting error when trying to use vba code to connect teradata sql through excel 2010. I also want to execute records to excel. Can someone help me with the query for the same

I am currently using Datastage v9.1 and would like to know if I can use Teradata Connector to connect Teradata Aster.
If not do we have any alternate db connectors/stages to connect to Aster. Also please let me know the configuration details that I have to setup before connecting to Aster db.

I'm a bit of a novice in this arena, so I hope this doesn't seem like an odd question

Hi All,
I am facing an issue with reconnect in .NET and ODBC connectors from SQLA when i do a DBS restart. I am seeing this in TD Expres 15.0 SLES 10 40GB  VM.
Teradata .NET Data Provider :
Issue here is that after a successful DBS restart, SQLA is not maintaining the current session context.

Hi Folks,
Recently i started my carrier in teradata, i would like to install teredata in my personel lap tap while selecting datasource i am getting 10061 WSA EConnRefused error. Could you please provide the solution for this issue.

I am creating SSIS Package with Teradata OLEDB provider for teradata
my table has column with datatype "Character Large Object". When I try to use this table in my SSIS, it throws following error:
 Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0202009

I was hoping to use the TD-GeoImport tool to get some data into Teradata, but alas I have a 64 bit machine.  I should have read the "32 bit" in the label first, before getting this error:
Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
Any plans to release this tool for 64 bit machines ?

I have installed teradata express 14.10 edition in vmware player. I can logon using dbc/dbc and also can access it using Teradata express studio from windows 7. I have downloaded Informatica from https://edelivery.oracle.com on  windows 7.

I am trying to export data from hdfs to teradata using teradata connector cli version 1.3. I am contsantly hit with below error while executing in batchinsert mode. 

I'm trying to use TDCH 1.3 command line edition to import from TD to HCatalog.  I consistently get an exception.  I've tried various versions of Hive and HCatalog with no success: CDH4.5 with Hive 0.11, CDH5.0 with Hive 0.12, and HDP 2.1 with Hive 0.13.  All throw the same exception.
Here is my job setup:

I am new to Teradata.
Please help me to know how to execute the simple Teradata script from LINUX shell script.
I created  a shell file Sample.sh and the code inside the shell file is below:
#! /bin/bash
select * from employee where emp_id = $1;

Is there a way to redirect where the error tables are created in a JDBC Fastload operation?
My scenario is loading a staging table in a schema/database where the ID doing the load does not have CREATE TABLE privs. As per company standards the error tables are typically created in a separate database.

Hello all,

Hi guys,
I have a problem with TIME datatype and my ODBC drivers.
In ODBC driver I have DateTimeFormat=III and enabled DisableParsing.
When I try to run this query:
INSERT INTO  aidar.time_ansi 

teradata 14.
loading utf-8 messages via jdbc connectivity
when messages containing the � replacement char for untranslatable character
with our DBS Control param 104 (AcceptReplacementCharacters) set to false
jdbc returns error 1338, 1339.

We want to connect MicroStrategy and Teradata on a Red Hat (64-bit v6 Santiago) Linux machine but we are facing architecture version issue while doing so.

Hi, I currently have a connection from SQLServer 2008R2 integration services to Teradata v13. The version of Teradata is due to be upgraded to v14.10 soon, and I am trying to confirm if my connection from SQL Server will be affected or not.

Hi all,
I have to insert more than 70 milions register from a .csv to a Teradata Destination via SSIS. After insert 2 milions of data, an error appear:
[Teradata Destination [133]] Erro: TPT Import failed to insert row. No record of the last request was found after DBC restart
I use Fast Load feature...




I'm not sure what the "Generic Download License" really means. Is it possible to use the downloaded software for production if we have valid license for Teradata RDBMS?

e.g. use downloaded ODBC driver 14.x while we only have license for TTU 13.x.



Do teradata provide XA supported driver. I have using multiple DB in my Java Application and I want to govern all the Queries under one transaction. For that I need global transaction like JTA etc.. But all these global transaction needs XA supported Teradata driver. 
Kindly provide details if we support such driver.