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Hi, guys!
I have been breaking my mind the whole day trying to do the following thing.
My native language is Spanish and I need to import some words which have accents. I got to upload those words properly in Teradata setting the upload to UTF8.

I have tried connecting to the AMC many times but I am unable to connect to AMC. I typed the IP address  and tried and still did not work . I tried connecting from different locations, using different browsers and still the same result..  I do not use VPN at all. I even downloaded the Aster software one more time and tried but no change then either.

Hi All,
Good Day...
Can some one help me to set up ODBC Driver for Teradata options (Especially, Password & Data Encryption and Authentication Mechanisms) globally and these optios should not be overwritten by user at ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box.

When connecting TD14 with Oracle 11 or 12, I've read that USL 15 allows connecting them with a portal server in between. When creating the foreign server, hosttype would normally be 'portal' as that's what's in the middle between TD and Oracle. In what scenario would we use hosttype 'oracle'? 

I downloaded TTU 15 today and need to install the SQL Assistant 15. I can't seem to locate it in any of the folders...

Hi all, hoping someone can help. I've got a clean CentOS 6.4 box and I'm trying to connect it to Teradata. My first step is to install ksh then I install the tdodbc 15 packages: tdicu, tdodbc, TeraGSS.

From the latest version of TeraJDBC .It's currently works with JDK/JRE 1.4.2, 5.0, 6.0, or 7.0.
Is there any TeraJDBC version that is supporteed and works with JRE8?

That's my code below, I connected to Teradata used java JDBC but It took 5 sec to do "stmt = conn.createStatement();".

Could anyone help me to fix this problem?





public class dw_targetmonthjdbc {


List<dw_targetmonth> tmList = new ArrayList<dw_targetmonth>();

Hi All,
I am using teradata-connector-1.3.3 with the following versions:
->Teradata 15.0
->HDP 2.1
I am trying to import data from teradata tables to HDFS.
I create a table in the Teradata database.

CREATE MULTISET TABLE martinpoc.example3_td3 ,NO FALLBACK ,


I am trying to use the bulk load method using TDCommandBuilder in C# and also compare it to the individual insert statement performance using the following code. I move data back and forth between SQL Server and Teradata.

I'm tryin to define a SAS connection to Teradata
I Installed the module "SAS to Teradata" and Teradata client on my SAS server.
Since SAS Management Console, i trying to create a logical server , the connection requires the parameter "account number" (is not the user account)
You know what kind of identifier refers?

How do I turn off TITLEDASHES when using Teradata JDBC driver?

I've just installed Teradata ODBC driver on OS X and everything went smooth. But Excel says that there are no ODBC drivers installed in the system.
I configured DSNs and checked that ini files are there. Still the same error.
What else can be checked and/or configured to get it working?

    I want put teradata connection strng inside the web.config file and open it in .net code behind to access Teradat. I tried as belo
 <add name="TDCnnString" connectionString="DataSource=xxx.xxx.com;Initial Catalog=yyy; User ID=xxx; Password=xx123"/>
  And in code behind

Hello All,
I am currently in the process of developing a complete end-end solution that will migrate objects/data from Teradata to Hadoop and vise versa.
When researched, i got the articles on TERADATA CONNECTORS FOR HADOOP (COMMAND LINE INTERFACE) and their respective  tutorial document.

I'm building my firsh Java application using Teradata as the backend database. I would like to impliment an auto refresh feature, that would monitor a table in the database for changes and refresh the tableview I have in the application. I know TMM has an auto refresh. Does anyone know how this is accomplished?
Thanks for the help in advanced!

Hello. Unfortunatelly the net is really empty with that information. I didn't find anything right about that. Please, help me with that common problem. I can't connect my Teradata SQL Assistant to ODBC Teradata Source. I'm working alone at my home pc (local host). I've got mysql client and database where i was studying sql first.

The Teradata ODBC driver v14 does not seem to conform to the specs. When running SQLStatistics with SQL_QUICK, the call does lots of locking and count(*) operations. The manual says that SQL_QUICK should prevent this behavior.

Hi all,
I wanna connect with views in teradata through .net provider. but i am unable to access those views which i have created in teradata database. kindly let me know where i went wrong and what i need to do to access views like table in my c# project.
Kindly do the needful . expecting possitive reply soon.

Where can I get theAster ncluster odbc driver for mac os. I need the driver for RODBC connectivity. 

I hope this is the right place to ask...
In order to define system ODBC DSN we use the following command on various windows platform/version :
odbcconf.exe configsysdsn "Teradata" "DSN=Teradata|Description=Teradata blah blah|DBCName=tdata.xxxxx.local" /Lv c:\temp\o.log

We are running Informatica 9.5 with Teradata V14.10 using TTU 13.10.  For some of the Informatica jobs, it gives error as 'Faulting module name: tdata32.dll version' and jobs fail though data gets loaded correctly in Teradata. Only few jobs fail beacuse of this error and not all. Is there any solution for this?  

I am trying to locate the Teradata 32Bit ODBC Drivers for Windows version to reproduce a problem at a customer site. The latest that I can find are which are in the 14.10.15 version of the ODBC suite on the Teradata ODBC Driver for Windows download page. Is there a download for

Hi.  I'm fairly new to Qlikview and Teradata connectivity.
Using the TPT connector I can NOT make a connection at all.
Using ODBC (32 or 64) I get the dreaded:
Error: SQL##f - SqlState: IM002, ErrorCode: 0, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

In our new TD14.10 system, we have a new feature that I have never dealt with in past releases: "PE only" nodes. In our new TD14.10 system we have some "PE only" nodes which only
contain PEs (i.e. they do not contain any AMPs). Should these "PE only" nodes be included in the DNS/hosts "COP" list?


$ /opt/teradata/client/14.10/odbc_32/samples/C/adhoc


Enter Data Source Name: tddev

Enter UserID: a_gilliee

Enter Password:


Connecting with SQLConnect(DSN=tddev,UID=a_gilliee,PWD=*)...



I am very new to Teradata. I have simple java program to connect to terdata database and get metadata information e. column name , datatype etc. I have requirement to call this java code inside Oracle database.

Jdbc Version :
Terdata Version : 14.10.00
Oracle Version :
Java :

I recently installed TTU 15. The Windows version is XP Sp3 32 bit.
I was using the TTU 14 previously and it was working fine.
Prior to installing the new version, I completely uninstalled all the tools related to v14 using the unintall vb script provided alongwith the TTU 15 package

Dear Teradata Community,
I got a failure message - "name  in HOSTS file" - when trying to connect from SAS to Teradata Platform.
The current architecture is using a DNS server performing translation between IP adress of the different nodes and an "alias name - AN -" issued in the logon string connection.

I need to know if ENVISION RSA to link the DBC.AccLog.Tbl audit table with only the SELECT query can block Teradata table.
The DBA tell me this:

I have created a database through web sql assistant and have created a java program to connect to this database and retrieve data.  The connection will not work as it seems that I am not able to specify the database server name.
I have connected to a Oracle database through this program with no problems.
Any suggestions?

Looking to see if someone out there has seen this issue.
We have an excel application accessing Teradata via ODBC.
We are seeing connection issue using FIOS network with Excel via ODBC. FIOS hangs and no error message is given. The interesting thing is that SQL-A works fine with the same ODBC setup with FIOS.

Does anybody know what can cause this exception?  Running my application in a local appserver using MyEclipse and WAS is working fine however after deploying my application to a remove test environment, be it on Intel or Linux with the same Websphere version, I get this exception below.  I did talk to a Teradata DBA and she said if I use m

Hi All,
I am unable to set the Session to Latin.
I am using TD 14 & trying to logon from Unix terminal using below command:
bteq -c Latin1 .logon server/user,pwd
(Note: i am able to set the same for Acii which is default or utf8 using "bteq -c Ascii" or "bteq -c utf8)
I referred below links

I'm trying to build an Excel self-service tool front end for a Teradata database, but the end users will not have any Teradata drivers installed on their machines.  Is it possible to use a generic ODBC connection, and if so, does someone know what connect string to use for an ADODB recordset?

We have 24nodes 2650 model with 576 amps on 1GB internal LAN connection.
We are planning to have Teradata Hadoop of 17 DATA nodes with 36TB / node on 1GB or 10GB internal LAN Card.
Our client wants to know the speed for transferring data for both directions. It might be during heavy workload of both systems (teradata and TeradataHadoop)

Hi guys I tried to install both on Yosemite.
Clicked through the wizard (accepting defaults) and it looks like it's on the last step that the installer says the installation failed.

We are getting intermittent "Unable to get catalog string" errors when connecting to our Teradata DB via ODBC using Informatica.
We set the NLSPATH but do not get more detailed errors.
Re-running the job once or twice works. But we need to find why this keeps happening.

I am attempting to connect to teradata using Perl.&nbsp; I am not able to get it to connect.&nbsp; We are getting the following error when trying to connect:
/usr/local/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib64/perl5/auto/DBD/Teradata/Cli/Cli.so: undefined symbol: DBCHINI

I have a package in SSIS 2012 catalog trying to get some data from Teradata DB. The connection is not working for me and I keep getting the error:
ADO.NET Source has failed to acquire the connection with the following error message:
"Could not create a managed connection manager".

Can anyone tell me where to find the Viewpoint server IP address and port number once the Viwepoint sevices have been started?

My code:

import pyodbc
td_connstr = "DRIVER={Teradata};DBCNAME=%s;UID=%s;PWD=%s;DATABASE=%s;QUIETMODE=YES;" % (my_credentials)
pyodbc.pooling = False
td_conn = pyodbc.connect(td_connstr)

I get an error message:
 File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>

Hi All,
I am using the Hortonworks connector for teradata + sqoop.  When I import with a query statment the connector adds in a create view statment.  I don't have permissions to create a view (and I cannot get a connection with said permissions).  Please see below for error and sqoop statment.

hello there
We are using SAP interface to load data from Stage area to TD, I use Parallel Transporter and when Ixecute the jon , it fails with message which is in Subject.
I understand that this file is missing and I cannot find it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Teradata\Client\15.00\bin .