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Hello, I am using Teradata SQL Assistant to connect to a TD server.I was able to set up a DSN for the TD Server. However in the Db explorer pane , I am unable to view tables in the tables , thought I am able to query the DB.So if I run a query , I am able to view results... When I ask it for the list of tables , views from the List Tables toolbar , I am able to view the tables , views .. procedure..HOwever when I add a the DB, using Add database ... and expand the DB to view tables , it does not show me the tables ...I was wonderign if someone could help me with this problem.Thank you already ..:)Regards,az_maverick...

Hi ppl,Can any of you explain how exactly the serialize option would help in improving performance ? also its funtionality...?Thanks,Rock

Hi ppl,In one of the articles i had come across, "pack factor and number of sessions contribute to the level of parallelism insite TD" .. can anyone tell exactly, how this happens..??? Thanks,Rock

what is the difference between Partitioned primary index and secondary indexplease tell me as early as possiblethanks & regardsk.srinivasarao

Hi,Is it possible to skip data errors during fastload and continue with loading other records from file?I have information in tab delimitted text files and in case some field is too long fastload stops to load all the data and reports the error.In Oracle sqlloader records would go to bad file and I would be able later to decide wether I would like to deal

Hi,Had a long running MLOAD which was running since 7 Hrs. Looked into TD Manager the AMP state was while PE state was . Used to find the current status of MLOAD, please find below the report generated. The report generated by Query Session is showing State Detail as and MLOAD Phase as . The ETL job completed after after sometime i generated this report.Have bit confusion as per the report how can the data loading be progress if the parent and child sessions are inactive.Can any one give me insight on the concurrent occurance of the State Detail and Mload Phase highlighted above.Thanks in advance.

HI,When I am running the following script:.LOGTABLE tduser.LOG_TBL;.LOGON DEMOTDAT/tduser,tduser;CREATE TABLE TDUSER.EMPINFO (EMPNO SMALLINT FORMAT '9(5)' BETWEEN 10001 AND 32001 NOT NULL,NAME VARCHAR(12),DEPTNO SMALLINT FORMAT '999' BETWEEN 100 AND 900,PHONENO SMALLINT FORMAT '9999' BETWEEN 1000 AND 9999,JOBTITLE VARCHAR (12),SALARY DECIMAL (8,2) FORMAT 'ZZZ,ZZZ.99' BETWEEN 1.00 AND 999000.00,YRSEXP BYTEINT FORMAT 'Z9'BETWEEN 0 AND 22,DOB DATE FORMAT 'MMMBDDBYYYY',SEX CHAR(1) UPPERCASE,RACE CHAR(1) UPPERCASE,MSTAT CHAR(1) UPPERCASE,EDLEV BYTEINT FORMAT 'Z9' BETWEEN 0 AND 22,HCAP BYTEINT FORMAT 'Z9' BETWEEN -99 AND 99)UNIQUE PRIMARY INDEX (EMPNO);.BEGIN IMPORT MLOAD TABLES TDUSER.EMPINFO WORKTABLES TDUSER.EMPTEMP ERRORTABLES TDUSER.EMPERR TDUSER.EMPERROR AMPCHECK NONE;.LAYOUT EMPLAYOT;.FIELD EMPNO 2 CHAR(9);.FIELD NAME 12 CHAR(12);.FIELD DEPTNO 25 CHAR(3);.FIELD PHONENO 29 CHAR(4);.FIELD JOBTITLE 34 CHAR (12);.FIELD SALARY 47 CHAR (9);.FIELD YRSEXP 57 CHAR (2);.FIELD DOB 60 CHAR (11);.FIELD SEX 72 CHAR (1);.FIELD RACE 74 CHAR (1);.FIELD MSTAT 76 CHAR (1);.FIELD EDLEV 78 CHAR (2);.FIELD HCAP 81 CHAR (2);.DML LABEL INSEMP;INSERT INTO EMPINFO.*;.IMPORT INFILE 'C:\EMPDTLS.INPUT' FORMAT TEXT LAYOUT EMPLAYOT APPLY INSEMP;.END MLOAD;.LOGOFF;With the input file: 10021 Brown, Jo 200 2312 Development 63000.00 20 Jan 01 1955 F G M 16 0 10001 Jones, Bill 100 5376 President 83000.00 15 Jan 01 1960 M G M 14 0 10002 Smith, Jim 100 4912 Sales 73000.00 10 Jan 01 1970 M G M 13 1 10028 Lee, Sandra 200 5844 Support 77000.00 4 Jan 01 1971 F G M 18 0 10029 Berg, Andy 200 2312 Test 67000.00 10 Jan 01 1967 M G M 15 0 10023 Ayer, John 300 4432 Accounting 52000.00 8 Jan 01 1965 M G M 13 0The positions are correct.. I mean the startpos in the FIELD command is correct in the input file.The table is getting created but I am getting the problem while loading.PLease suggest me how to go about it.

I have file with large number of fields. And i want it to load only certain fields into an empty table using fast load.While defining the input file do i need to give the layout of the entire file or is there any option to define only the required fields to load the table as like in MLOAD.

Hii have the Teradata Express Edition 12.0 — (the evaluation and development).I'm using fastload to load the data into the DB.it takes 50 minutes to load 1.5 giga of data.I load 5.3 million record. each record consists of 34 columns, and the average record length is 300 characters long.there are no duplicate rows in the table.why does it take so long?(i notice that while it's running the fastload process hardly consumes CPU)is it due to the evaluation version ? what is supposed to be the performance in a production installationthanks for any help

Hi All,I had the below req there is a source table where it contains two columns as below col1 col2laxman 25:34:56rama 64:1:34:57:56raja 1:2:5rani 4:9:0:8 I need to write an utility thru which i shud get the following outputTarget1 - table where col1 is a unique id generated w.r.t col2 of target1 and col2 are distinct id`s from src(col2)col1 col2 1 252 343 564 645 16 577 28 59 410 911 012 8and Target2 as followscol1 col2laxman 25laxman 34laxman 56rama 64rama 1rama 34rama 57rama 56raja 1raja 2raja 5rani 4rani 9rani 0rani 8 Hope u understand the rq i need the bteq script urgently or plz help me out with any suggestions

Since we have 127 DML limit per IMPORT, I am splitting across 4 IMPORT statements in single LOAD.I am concerned whether those 4 IMPORTs would execute in parallel?I want to ensure the sequential data integrity.on Similar note, Am I correct in assuming that using multiple sessions would break such sequential integrity.

Hi,I am running Windows Advanced server 2003 64 bit, and want to install TTU V12.All goes well when just installing the 32 bit versions, except that one of the applications (Perl) is a 64 bit app, and requires 64 bit ODBC driver and DSN.I have tried installing both 32 and 64 bit versions of GSS (apparently successfuly), but when I come to install the Shared ICU 64 bit it seems to overwrite the 32 bit DLLs even though I nominate a different directory, and then my 32 bit apps (eg SQL Assistant) don't work any more. I can fix SQL Assistant just by reinstalling the 32 bit Shared ICU.thanksRobert

How to make MLoad read a Variable length file, instead of a fixed width.Any positive answers welcome with an example.Thanks a ton!

Hi guys!I´m having a problem with my Mload script:------------------------------------------------------.LOGTABLE mydatabase.logtable;.LOGON ;DATABASE mydatabase;CREATE TABLE mydatabase.MYTABLE ( IDFIELD INTEGER NOT NULL, CODEFIELD INTEGER NOT NULL) PRIMARY INDEX ( COD_COLETA );.BEGIN IMPORT MLOAD TABLES MYTABLE SESSIONS 2;.LAYOUT inslayout;.FIELD IDFIELD * varchar(10); .FIELD CODEFIELD * varchar(10);.DML LABEL insdml;INSERT INTO MYTABLE .*;.IMPORT INFILE D:\Temp\Olympio\Data.txt FORMAT VARtext ',' LAYOUT inslayout APPLY insdml;.END MLOAD;.LOGOFF;------------------------------------------------------Data.txt has this data:-------------------------123456,1-----------------------This error appears:What can I do to solve this problem?Thanks for help,Anderson

Hi!I am using informtica 7.1.3 and the database is teradata 6.1.now i want to load the flat file data into teradata using fload script. how to configure my workflow settings suing teradata fload external loader.Thanks in advance cnew

Hi!I am using informtica 7.1.3 and the database is teradata 6.1.now i want to load the flat file data into teradata using fload script. how to configure my workflow settings suing teradata fload external loader.Thanks in advance cnew

Hi! I have multiple falt files say 3 flat files having same structure and these 3 files needs to be loaded into one tabe using fload. i tied but once i loaded the first table then second table i cannot load as the table needs to be empty for fload.Appreciate quick response if anyone can tell the script.????Thanks in advance

Where can I find TTU12 for linux. I need - BTEQ, CLI, fastload, tpump etc for Linux.I checked the teradata download center, but it seems TTU are not directly downloadable from there.Regards,Akshay

Hi,We had a situation in our application where the user password expired in Teradata. A fast export job while trying to login failed with an error "RDBMS error: 3032, User password has expired." and the mainframe job abended. However a BTEQ job threw a warning as below:"Warning 2155418 USER PASSWORD HAS EXPIRED""Error: Cannot redefine password in batch execution""Error: Logon failed."There was no errorcheck statement within the BTEQ script immediately after the LOGON statement, but there was an errorcheck after the 1st SQL after the LOGON statement as follows: ".IF ERRORLEVEL >= 8 THEN .QUIT 8;"But the logon failure was not caught in the errorcheck and hence the mainframe job did not abend. I have a couple of questions which I thought the members in the forum might be able to help me with:1) Why does Fastexport throw an error when the password has expired but BTEQ only throws a warning? Is there an inherent difference in the utilities in the way they react to RDBMS errors?2) Is there a way to handle the password expiration message and make the program abend?ThanksDeepan

Hi all,Can any one tell me , what is the difference between macro and bteq.As macro contains set of sql statements and bteq also contains set of sql statements.we can have user rights on macro.can any one tell me some more differences.REgards,kiran

Hi,Can someone help me to calculate the Difference of Timestamp fields/columns?

I've installed TDE 12.0 and would like to find the SQLAssistantWeb software, as well as installation instructions. I'm familiar with IIS and ODBC, but just can't find the software.

Hi,I want to know the difference in mload script for text and unformat type of format.And what is the sructure of data source in both case.Thanks.

I need the script as wella as i/p file

Hi,I have a BTEQ export which was running as:[highlight=#ffff11]*****************************************************[/highlight][font=Courier New].SET ERRORLEVEL 3807 SEVERITY 0; DATABASE NEWSDATA_PPT; .EXPORT DATA file = /ifiles/terappt/wip/hk_news_run_control.dat; .IF ERRORCODE <> 0 THEN .QUIT 0010; SELECT HOUSEKEEPING_DATE FROM LOAD_HISTORY WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'news_run_control'; .IF ACTIVITYCOUNT < 1 THEN QUIT 0020;.IF ERRORCODE <> 0 THEN .QUIT 0030; .EXPORT RESET; .QUIT; [/font] [highlight=#ffff11]*****************************************************[/highlight]the above used to run fine ... but it gives "garbage" data (when I view it in either vi editor or cat the export file)so (for sake of readability) I changed the code to:[highlight=#ffff11]*****************************************************[/highlight][font=Courier New].SET ERRORLEVEL 3807 SEVERITY 0;DATABASE NEWSDATA_PPT;.EXPORT DATA file = /ifiles/terappt/wip/hk_news_run_control.dat;SELECT HOUSEKEEPING_DATE FROM LOAD_HISTORY WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'news_run_control';.IF ACTIVITYCOUNT < 1 THEN QUIT 0020;.IF ERRORCODE <> 0 THEN .QUIT 0030; .EXPORT RESET; .QUIT; [/font][highlight=#ffff11]*****************************************************[/highlight]The above is giving me the output (When I cat or vi the file ... I get)[highlight=#ffff11]20090312[/highlight]As soon as this export process completes, I run a multiload which deletes data from a certain table depending on the date value present in the /ifiles/terappt/wip/hk_news_run_control.dat file.The issue is that the multi-load runs fine for the "junk" data date .. but when I run it against the date produced from the REPORT code ... I get the error:[highlight=#ffff11]*****************************************************[/highlight][font=Courier New]**** 09:11:40 UTY2416 Config file parameters in effect are: MAXSESS=24. ======================================================================== = = = MultiLoad Utility Release MLOD. = = Platform IBM-AIX = = = ======================================================================== = = = Copyright 1990-2008, NCR Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. = = = ========================================================================**** 09:11:40 UTY2411 Processing start date: SUN APR 12, 2009 ======================================================================== = = = Logon/Connection = = = ========================================================================0001 .logon dbc/pptuser,;**** 09:11:40 UTY6214 Reminder: A .Logtable statement must be entered for a successful logon. ======================================================================== = = = Processing Control Statements = = = ========================================================================0002 /*****************************************************************/ /* Teradata generic multiload delete script for housekeeping */ /* --------------------------------------------------------- */ /* filepath path for housekeeping date parameter */ /* db1 database name (global) */ /* tmpdb1 name of temporary database (global) */ /* tag1 prefix for error, log and work tables */ /*****************************************************************/ .LOGTABLE TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_log; **** 09:11:40 UTY8400 Teradata Database Release: V2R.**** 09:11:40 UTY8400 Teradata Database Version:**** 09:11:40 UTY8400 Default character set: ASCII **** 09:11:40 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has interval support**** 09:11:40 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has UDT support**** 09:11:40 UTY8400 Maximum supported buffer size: 1M**** 09:11:40 UTY8400 Data Encryption supported by RDBMS server**** 09:11:40 UTY6211 A successful connect was made to the RDBMS.**** 09:11:40 UTY6210 Logtable 'TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_log' indicates that a restart is in progress. 0003 .BEGIN DELETE MLOAD AMPCHECK NONE TABLES NEWSDATA_PPT.news_run_control WORKTABLES TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_wrk ERRORTABLES TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_err1; ======================================================================== = = = Processing MultiLoad Statements = = = ======================================================================== 0004 .LAYOUT HOUSEKEEPING_FILE; 0005 .FIELD HOUSEKEEPING_DATE 1 DATE; 0006 DELETE FROM NEWSDATA_PPT.news_run_control WHERE processing_dt < :HOUSEKEEPING_DATE; 0007 .IMPORT infile /ifiles/terappt/wip/hk_news_run_control.dat LAYOUT HOUSEKEEPING_FILE; 0008 .END MLOAD; ======================================================================== = = = MultiLoad Initial Phase = = = ========================================================================**** 09:11:40 UTY0829 Options in effect for this MultiLoad delete task: . Tenacity: 4 hour limit to successfully connect load sessions. . AmpCheck: Not in effect.**** 09:11:40 UTY0817 MultiLoad submitting the following request: Select NULL from TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_log where (LogType = 125) and (Seq = 1) and (MloadSeq = 0);**** 09:11:40 UTY0817 MultiLoad submitting the following request: Select NULL from TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_log where (LogType = 120) and (Seq = 1);**** 09:11:40 UTY0812 MLOAD session(s) requested: 1.**** 09:11:40 UTY0815 MLOAD session(s) connected: 1.**** 09:11:40 UTY0817 MultiLoad submitting the following request: BEGIN DELETE MLOAD NEWSDATA_PPT.news_run_control with TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_wrk errortables TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_err1;**** 09:11:40 UTY0817 MultiLoad submitting the following request: INS TEMPDB_PPT.hk_news_run_control_log (LogType, Seq, MLoadSeq)VALUES(130, 1, 40);**** 09:11:40 UTY4015 Access module error '16' received during 'read' operation on record number '0': 'Unexpected data format'**** 09:11:40 UTY4015 Access module error '16' received during 'read' operation on record number '0': 'Unexpected data format'**** 09:11:40 UTY1819 Warning: More than one record found in Delete task IMPORT file. Only the first record will be used. ======================================================================== = = = Logoff/Disconnect = = = ========================================================================**** 09:11:40 UTY6212 A successful disconnect was made from the RDBMS.**** 09:11:40 UTY2410 Total processor time used = '0.11 Seconds' . Start : 09:11:40 - SUN APR 12, 2009 . End : 09:11:40 - SUN APR 12, 2009 . Highest return code encountered = '12'.[/font]please advise as to where I could be going worng?[highlight=#ffff11]*****************************************************[/highlight]

Hi all,I am new to Teradata forum.can any one help me when we can go for Bteq and when we can go for mload.Why cant we go for bteq instead of mload and viceversa.Regards,kiran

please kindly tell me the difference between v2r5 & v2r6 please friendsthanks & regardsksrinivasarao

Most users have no problem. I have cleared up this error for some by uninstalling it, rebooting, manually deleting terasso.dll and tdata32.dll from c:\windows\system32 (found this info in other Teradata archived forum) and then re-installing ODBC version However, there are about 5-10 people where this does not fix the problem. I can go back and re-install the old version of ODBC, after removing the above files, and the old ODBC works. Re-installing again results in the same.Can anyone help with this or has anyone else had this problem? Thanks,Steve

We are beginning an effort to eliminate one of our DB2 Subsystems by redirecting the programs and plans to Teradata through the use of the FICON channel connect hardware/software. Does anyone have an experience with doing this? I'd be interested in hearing your results and what challenges you encountered along the way.

Tools covers the tools and utilities you use to work with Teradata and its supporting ecosystem. You'll find information on everything from the Teradata Eclipse plug-in to load/extract tools.

Hello all,I am new to TD . However with my background in Oracle , i have written a procedure .I was wondering if someone coudl tell me certain aspect in coding this procedure ,Here is the procedure,emp_check is a volatile table. Since I wanted to store the results and return them in the form of a table , i perform an insert operation in the volatile table.create procedure parameter_rolldown (IN dpt_id varchar(25) )BEGINDECLARE emp_count INTEGER;DECLARE emp_val VARCHAR(25);DECLARE emp_prior INTEGER;DECLARE Cur0 CURSOR FORSELECT min(emp_priority) from EMP_HIERARCHY;DECLARE Cur1 CURSOR FORSELECT emp_nm , emp_priority FROM EMP_HIERARCHY order by emp_priority;open Cur0;open Cur1;FETCH CUR0 into emp_count;FETCH CUR1 into emp_val, emp_prior ;insert into emp_checkselect * from ((QUERY1)UNION(select emp_id from emp_check) )main1;delete emp_prior, emp_val where emp_prior = 1; -- This I am doign because I want to move to the next recordselect (emp_count+1) into emp_count; while (emp_count>= 2 && emp_count <= 32) & & emp_prior = emp_countLOOP insert into emp_checkselect * from (QUERY) ABCINTERSECT(select emp_id from emp_check) )main2;delete emp_prior & emp_val where emp_prior = emp_count; (** I want to move to the next record in Cur1 , which will have record 2 .. I dont know how this can be done in TD .. Is there a syntax for NEXT ? **)select (emp_count+1) into emp_count; -- incrementing the counter to move to the next record in loop END LOOP;end while;end Cur1;end Cur0;END;I have one more question ..If I have to use the variables in a query in the procedure , Can i do the following,select * from employee where emp_id = emp_prior ..More commonly , how can i use the vaiables declared in the cursor...Do I need to use a identifier like % to distingush the vaiable from the table columns ?Also how can I use the input variable declared for the procedure in a query ?Can i do the following,select * from department where dept_id = dpt_idThank you already .... :)Thank you ,az_maverick

Hi,we run Teradata utilities both through UNIX and Mainframes.Can anybody please tell me in which scenario UNIX is preferable and when can we use mainframes to increase performanceThank You

Could you help me with finding an easy solution for exporting the information (model and data) from the Teradata MDS Repository for analysis purposes (without using the API or trying to query the backend MDS database)?

How do i generate a error ,when a set of records ina query do not intersect a set of records in another query.For eg,if I have a query ,select A,b from ABC INTERSECT select B,d from XYZI want to display all records in ABC which do not intersect the b,d in XYZ. What logic do I use ?Thank you,az_maverick

Hello all, I am trying to code a cursor/procedure as follows, I have a set of queries . The queries differ only by a single variable value.An example would be ..select * from ABC where X = 'Y' & U = 'V'select * from ABC where X = 'Y' & U = 'M'The variable U is a column in another table , which I will join in the cursor.At the moment my query loosk like ,select * from ABC where X = 'Y' & U = 'V'INTERSECT ( select * from ABC where X = 'Y' & U = 'M' INTERSECT ( select * from ABC where X = 'Y' & U = 'N' ))I want to do this intersection 'n' number of times , until all distinct values of the column 'U' have been tested .For this I plan to use a cursor/ procedure.However , i am finding it difficult to implement the query .Any suggestions...Regards,az_maverick

I am trying to run a FastExport script in which data is extracted from the table using the WHERE clause. Now in the WHERE clause there is a VARCHAR column. For extraction I have defined the fields in the LAYOUT using FIELDS and FILLER. Like, in the Teradata Database table there is a VARCHAR (128) column ACCOUNT_NAME which I am using in the WHERE clause. I am giving 6 characters in the input file and the remaining are spaces. So I define this in the LAYOUT as follows:.LAYOUT Account_input;.FIELD Accountnme VARCHAR(6);.FILLER Restskip VARCHAR(122);And the Select statement is as follow:SELECT * FROM TDUSER.ACCOUNTS;WHERE ACCOUNT_NAME = :Accountnme;The script is running fine with return code 0. But I don't find any output though 1 row should be selected as per the input that I am giving.So I was thinking that may be in my WHERE clause I need to mention the FILLER variable also, but I don’t know how to use it.If you have any idea about the same can you please help me out?

Hi All Teradata gurus!!Need help regarding FAST EXPORT utility failure.Below are the log file contents:0003 .LOGTABLE ;**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Teradata Database Release: V2R.**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Teradata Database Version:**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Default character set: ASCII **** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has UDT support**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Current RDBMS has Large Decimal support**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Maximum supported buffer size: 1M**** 08:20:22 UTY8400 Data Encryption supported by RDBMS server**** 08:20:23 UTY6211 A successful connect was made to the RDBMS.**** 08:20:23 UTY6210 Logtable ' ' indicates that a restart is in progress.0004 .BEGIN EXPORT SESSIONS 8;0005 .EXPORT Outfile MODE RECORD FORMAT TEXT ;0006 ;0007 .END EXPORT ; ======================================================================== = = = FastExport Initial Phase = = = ========================================================================**** 08:20:23 UTY8700 Options in effect for this FastExport task: . Sessions: 8 session(s). . Mode: RECORD . Blocksize: 64260 bytes. . Outlimit: No limit in effect.**** 08:20:23 UTY8715 FastExport is submitting the following request: Select NULL from where (LogType = 220) and (Seq = 1) and (FExptSeq = 0);**** 08:20:23 UTY8713 RDBMS failure, 5628: Column FExptSeq not found in . ======================================================================== = = = Logoff/Disconnect = = = ========================================================================**** 08:20:23 UTY1005 Script file has been altered at line 1 prior to restart.**** 08:20:23 UTY6215 The restart log table has NOT been dropped.**** 08:20:23 UTY1009 RDBMS warning: 0, **** 08:20:23 UTY1009 RDBMS warning: 0, **** 08:20:23 UTY2410 Total processor time used = '0.036678 Seconds' . Start : 08:20:22 - WED MAR 25, 2009 . End : 08:20:23 - WED MAR 25, 2009 . Highest return code encountered = '12'.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Above details show that the LOG TABLE has not been dropped. But the LOG TABLE doesn't exist in the database where it is supposed to be created. I am unable to trace out the issue. Kindly help!!Thanks in advance,Sanjay.

Hi friends,i have a timestamp datatype on DOB column. but i want to take time only i dont want date..how can i do that ? pls anyone help me MURALI

Hi ,I need to generate a sequence in bteq, can any body tell me how to to do that?Thanks and Regards,Kapil

Hi friends, If i am getting data like oracle,that data want to load teradata database directly through utilities.Is there any posibility? how do i do that?pls help me......

hi, what are the difference between Group by and distinct

Hi friends, how referential integrity handled in teradata?

hi friends, what are the differences between delete and delete all?

How to find No. of Records present in Each AMP or a Node for a given Table through SQL?

Why MultiLoad Utility supports only Non Unique Secondary Index(NUSI) in the Target Table ?

How to Skip or Get first and Last Record from Flat File through MultiLoad and TPUMP Utility?

Write a single SQL to delete duplicate records from the a single table based on a column value. I need only Unique records at the end of the Query.

Fastload is rejecting my attempts to load a timestamp column with the Invalid Timestamp Error 6760. I am attempt to load data like this:20010429 04:07:55.940000with this statement in the DDL part of my fastload, CHN_TS TIMESTAMP(6) FORMAT 'YYYYMMDDBHH:MI:SS.S(F)'with this defining my flat file field,CHN_TS (varchar(255))When I attempt a cast using the data there is no probleme.g. select cast ('20010429 04:07:55.940000' as timestamp(6) format 'YYYYMMDDBHH:MI:SS.S(F)')Your advice on how to overcome this would be very gratefully received. The flat file has come from Oracle in the first place and I can modify the format of the soure data. I am running fastload in Unix.Thanks,Susan

Trying to restore journal from backup but restore fails with following error*** Failure 2852:Inconsistent check point records found on Restored journal. Request you to share your thoughts or did ever anyone got this error and what was workaroundThanks in advance

Hi,Which utility is faster Mload or Fastload if we are loading data into an empty table and why?Can we load duplicates into a multiset table with a NUPI using Mload?Thank You