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I've data which has delimiter as comma(,) and each record is enclosed by double quotes " " as below format (2 rows given)"000002BF1A4ED13C6D2AC92F55A251A1","13 ","~DV ","01/01/1111 00:00:00","10/12/2001""0000203BBFD112DCD4C4F4673FA766E1","13 ","~DV ","01/01/1111 00:00:00","08/21/2006" I want to use Fastload to load thes

Hello all, I am having trouble understanding difference select * from TABLE X or select a , b, c ( columns) from table X ( same table ) above.I was wondering if someone actually knows what is the difference at the Teradata DB Architecture level.Thanks,Aditi

I regularly use DATA format to produce ouput files from BTEQ running in TSO on an IBM mainframe.I'm trying to do something similar using BTEQ running on Windows.I'm finding that the only output type that appears to work well is the REPORT format.DATA seems to introduce odd characters, wrap lines, etc.REPORT format is almost fine for me, but I really do NOT want the column headings.I've read the manual, found that I can turn off the dashes under the column heading, but cannot find a way of getting rid of the column heading itself. Is it possible?If not, can anybody point me to some advice on how to make the DATA output type work better in Windows?Thanks,T

Please give me more information about the difference between JDBC Driver Release 13.00.00 and JDBC Driver Release 12.00.00 , the news of JDBC Driver Release 13.00.00.Thanks

I have the following mload script where I need to assign a default value for JOB_TTL_NM in .dml. Can any body tell me how this can be done. I tried putting the default value in different formats like 'Non-Associate' , "Non-Associate":JOB_TTL_NM = 'Non-Associate'. But, getting error....logtable UD131.ABC_LT;.logon ABC/XXX,XYZ;.begin mload tables UD131.ABCworktables UD131.ABC_WTerrortables UD131.ABC_ET UD131.ABC_UVsessions 10sleep 10tenacity 4errlimit 1;.layout mylayout;.field ENT_USER_ID * VARCHAR(6);.field EMPL_LST_NM * VARCHAR(80); .field EMPL_FRST_NM * VARCHAR(80);.field EMAIL_ADR * VARCHAR(180);.field LEVEL_DESC * VARCHAR(80);.field JOB_TTL_NM * VARCHAR(50);.field MGR_LST_NM * VARCHAR(80); .field MGR_FRST_NM * VARCHAR(80); ; .dml label mydml;insert into UD131.ABC(ENT_USER_ID , EMPL_LST_NM, EMPL_FRST_NM,EMAIL_ADR, LEVEL_DESC, JOB_TTL_NM, MGR_LST_NM, MGR_FRST_NM, )values(:ENT_USER_ID , :EMPL_LST_NM, :EMPL_FRST_NM, :EMAIL_ADR, :LEVEL_DESC, :JOB_TTL_NM = 'Non-Associate', :MGR_LST_NM, :MGR_FRST_NM, );.import infile myfile.csvformat vartext ',' layout mylayout apply mydml;.end mload;.LOGOFF;

Hi Forum Gurus,I am having some confusions about locks in various phases of MloadAcquisition Phase1)Access lock2)Acquisition lock which sets a flag in table header rejecting any DDL except DROP.How these 2 locks differ with each other.....basically access lock doesnt allow any exclusive lock but acquisition lock allows DROP....does that mean it overrides access lock????Application Phase1)Write lock2)Application phase which sets a flag in table header rejecting any DDL except DROP and allowing DML with access lock only(select)Same ques here also......how these 2 differsRELEASE MLOAD;Will release access lock on target table and acquisition lock or both....?Also please specify what causes these errors and what shud we do in each casea)error 2571 ....mload can't be released and what is the raeson for such errorb)error 2652 Error Code 2652. Operation Not allowed.tableis being mloadedI have read several articles ,discussions regarding this......i urge all supreme being to answer this so that Teradata users can use this post as benchmark to solve these commom problems Regards,

Hi,This is my first post on this forum. My query is that we are in the process of setting up BTEQ on our new Solaris 10 server. I tried searching for any possible guides which could help me with the process on how to obtain the BTEQ installable and then how to install it, but did not find much help.

How to get latest record for the same customer 2) if suppose in the customer id 10 i have 100 records. how to pick the latest,oldest record for that particular id 10. please give me SQL query in teradata 3) second question is how to give the ranks for all records without using rank function kanisetti srinivasarao

Hi,As we know Fastload doesnt allow duplicate rows in even Multiset table.So suppose i have a chechpoint of 10k and job failed at 9k those records upon restart will be send again and by virtue of this property ignored..or i can use RECORD keyword to skip those recordsNow my mload is having similar scenario and it failed in acquisition after 9k records.....what wud be the scenario after restart ......are all 9k records will be send again....is there anyway to stop this...RELEASE MLOAD IN APPLY....what does this statement really does....and when shud we use it.....I have read it simply releases locks from table header and table while in application phase...Does it rollback also...?Quick response will be appreciated..Regards,

Hi All,

How do we implement SCD type 2 in teradata.


How do I pass shell parameters to a fast export script.any help would be greatThanks

Hi all,How do we implement Scd type 2 in Teradata.Please let me know the process.Thanks,kiran

Here is a sample record from my input file (which is comma delimited)

Table structure is


I am using Mload to load this file into table
.FIELD Date1 * VARCHAR(10);
.FIELD Amount * VARCHAR(16);
. . . .

hi,I want to compile a program in C. It have a multiple calls to teradata. I have no idea how to compile in Aix.The compiler that I should be use is cc.I tried cc -G -KPIC tdsfbd0358.c this generates a tdsfbd0358.i and after I have no Idea what I have to make, a link? how? help please?Here, I show a sample code of sentences that my program hasvoid Fin (int rc) { if (rc != 0 && ProcessId > 0) { EXEC SQL RollBack; if (SQLCODE != 0) rc = -2048; Num = rc; EXEC SQL Update TSFMARNU Set COD_RC = :Num ,TIM_FMODIFIC = Current_TimeStamp Where COD_ID = :ProcessId; if (SQLCODE != 0) rc = 199; EXEC SQL Commit; if (SQLCODE != 0) rc = 199; } Mssg (23, Cnt_Total); Mssg (21, rc); EXEC SQL LOGOFF; exit (rc); }/*I'm looking in forum and I don't found nothingThanks and sorry my bad english

I see that we can set the number of sessions in BTEQ. How does this multiple session setting work in BTEQ?

If I run a Batch script in BTEQ with number of sessions set to more than 1, Will I see the benefit in query run-time? How does 'set sessions ' setting work in BTEQ and in general how does multiple session setting work in Teradata?

We have a facility to teach Multiload,Fastload and BTEQ to use multiple sessions. I wouldlike to understand how this setting works. I.e., If I specify, Set Sessions 5 in BTEQ script how does it work?

How to get latest record for the same customer 2) if suppose in the customer id 10 i have 100 records. how to pick the latest,oldest record for that particular id 10. please give me SQL query in teradata 3) second question is how to give the ranks for all records without using rank function

Hi,We need to be able to invoke FastExport from Java, using the Teradata JDBC Driver. I have successfully gotten this to work, thanks to the examples here: http://www.teradata.com/DownloadCenter/Topic9361-99-1.aspxHowever, we want to be able to invoke FastExport in this way so as to generate an output file.

Hi All,Please let me know few differences between teradata 6 and 12.Thanks,kiran

Hi all,How can we improve performance of a query by seeing performance monitor tool.Thanks,kiran

Hi All,Is there any way to stop mload while it is running.Suppose i am loading millions of records,but unfortunately i dont want to load that records.I want to stop mload.Is it posssible?Thankskiran

I am in Teradata V2R6 I can not drop table stay lock because in fact there is a reference constraint between the table and remained lock another table. - When I try to drop a lock table I get the message "I can not drop the table because it is referenced by another table.

Hii ppl,I am using v12.0 and unable to login into Fast Export/Fast Load utility and its giving "RDBMS error: 3002, Invalid logon account" as the error. I am attaching 2 screenshots. First screenshot indicates the values that i have given for logon and Second screenshot contains the error after logging in.I am unable to understand the meaning of "Account Id" when loging into Fastload.My host file has following entry: localhost localtdcop1 dbccop1Please Note: At the same time i am able to log into BTEQ utility using dbc/dbc.Please help me out.


we have a daily multiload insert job and a few critical jobs depend on the successful completion of it. This multiload often failed due to data issue e.g. unexpected input charactor appears same as delimiter. Currently we have difficulty to filter the source data, so I wonder if in multiload script, there is a way to "bypass" the offending records and complete multiload with lock released and return code as 0 or something similar.

I understand INMOD can filter data before multiload, but have no knowledge on C.

We are runing TD8.2, this mutiload job runs from MVS


Hi,I'm new to Teradata and trying to write simple program using CLIv2 (Teradata version 12). Using the sample cli code provided by Teradata I could able to connect and execute the statements like CREATE TABLE, INSERT INTO.. But when I want to fetch the result set of a query SELECT * from SAMPLES.table1 I'm facing problem in coding. I dont know how to get the records from the query. Could any one help me in coding this. According to me after executing the query using DBCHCL(&result,cnta,&dbcarea), the result will be stored in dbcarea.fet_data_ptr; I dont know for which structure I have to type cast this, and also do I need to take care of the Data Types returned by the result set. In the Teradata sample program, it is reading character by character and storing in a file. I want to how to read a Database column. I sample example for fetching the records will be very helpful me.RegardsShrihari

Openning SQL Scrapbook triggered the following error:

Eclipse: 20090621-0832
Data Tools: 1.6.2
TD Plugin :

ava.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/datatools/sqltools/routineeditor/ProcEditorInput
at com.teradata.datatools.dtp.sqltools.db.teradata.TeradataExecuteMultiSQLActionExtension.contributeToContextMenu(TeradataExecuteMultiSQLActionExtension.java:53)
at org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.sqleditor.SQLEditor.fillContextMenu(SQLEditor.java:1258)


I need some help regarding an error that occurred while our production loading was running. Here is the error message:
Access module error '34' received during 'read' operation on record
number '1361905': 'pmunxRBuf: fread error (Invalid argument)'

A fast look at the record everything looked fine. So, I removed the record from the input file (saving it for analysis) and reran the MLoad. It ran cleanly.

Hi,I'm new to Teradata. I have a code which was written using Preprocessor2 long time back (may be using older version of Teradata 8 years back). Now I want to reuse the code and compile the same on windows. When I go through with "Teradata Preprocessor2 for Embedded SQL Programmer Guide Release 09.01.00 B035-2446-115A November 2005" I do get a section how to use pp2win.exe. But when Teradata express edition is installed I dont get pp2win.exe in "Teradata client\bin" folder.Could anyone please let me know how to compile the *.pp2c file. What all the options I need to set in under visual studio.I check the sample code for CLIv2 and using the sample code I'm able to connect to Teradata database. Actually I dont want to rewrite the Preprocessor2 code to CLIv2, because this will take long time. And I have to deliver a PoC in 2 weeks of time. Hence this is high priority for me.Advance thanks for your help

I need to COLLECT STATS after an Update Statement.BT; Update Table ; COLLECT STATS ; Delete;ET;I've to use BT; ET; as a Multi-statement request in my BTEQ scripts.But I'm getting Error - as DDL statement (COLLECT STATS) can't allowed in Multi-statement request.Also DDL statement (COLLECT STATS) has to be the last statement of the script.How should I use COLLECT STATS inside a Multi-statement request using BTET?Also the below process throwing the error.BT;Update....;ET;BT;COLLECT STATS...;ET;BT;DELETE....;ET;Help please!!!!!!!!!

We tried to use Oracle transparent gateway, we succesfully tried run query from oracle to Teradata. The purpose is to run joint query from teradata and oracle tables/views. For the performance issue, We haven't tested to run the join query with large tables.My questions are:1.

Hi,Can anyone help me in loading teradata tables with DB2 tables without using Informatica. Is there any way by using loaders or BTEQ's.Thanks,Rakesh

HiCan anyone send me the procedure for loading the data from flat files(VSAM, txt, csv etc) to teradata tables without using Informatica. thanks,Rakesh

I'm having problems running Fastload from a Linux client where there's a variable length field present.

I want to copy a selection of data from the production server to the test one, I've tried running the Export using both FASTLOAD & TEXT formats, and then a Fastload using both FORMATTED & TEXT formats but it objects to the variable data every time.

The error message given is -

**** 16:22:07 Bad file or data definition.
**** 16:22:07 The length of: COLUMN_A in row: 1 was greater than
Defined: 250, Received: 12336

we have many tables with secondary indexes and while loading it's giving error. we have dropped the secondary indexes and loaded the data. Is it possible to include the below statement in MLOAD script?

create INDEX gmrdate_usi_mo_nm (mo_mm) on teradbc.gmrdate.

Please give me the solution as soon as possible.

HiWhere can i find information regarding Archiving and Purging in Teradata.ThanksSreehari

HiWhere can i find info(PDF) on Datamover Tool of Terdata.Can it be invoked from Teradata Demo Version just like the other utilities(Multiload etc)Thanks Sreehari

Where can i find details about DATAMOVER TOOL in Teradata.


i'm running into this error while writing to a file in TPT:

STR_EMI_DET_SQL: sending SELECT request
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: retrieving data
PXTBS_PutRow: Invalid input row length, status = Length Error
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: Error 29 in putting a record onto the data stream
Operator(libselectop.so) instance(1): EXECUTE method failed with status = Length Error
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: disconnecting sessions
STR_EMI_DET_FILE_APPEND: Total files processed: 0.
Job step S2 terminated (status 8)
Job dcole terminated (status 8)

I have installed Teradata Express. For some reason that I can figure out, I can't log into Teradata Manager. It tells me "Invalid Logon String".I'm using localtdcop1 (tried localtd, localhost) in the dbsdbc in user and pwd.I can use everything else except bteq.I've starting teradata, installed the eclipse plugin.the other issue I am running into is when I try to create a udf, it tells me (dbc) that I don't have permission. I'm pretty new to Teradata, but I figure I need to grant permissions through the Teradata Manager.I tried customer support, but they don't seem to return messages.

Hi,Does anyone have any code examples of how to do positioned update and delete in cliv2 please?

Hi, We are trying to migrate our TD database to Ooacle DB.I read from many sites that TD parellelTransporter is a very good utility to transport data across different databases.If you have any idea about how to use this tool/utility kindly expalin.I am struggling to get an opening with this tool.Your help is highly appreciated.ThanksShinesh

Hi All,We are aware that Tpump gives control over the rate per minute at which statements are sent to the RDBMS. This can be done either dynamically or with a predefined statement in the script.Can any of you let me know this can be done dynamically ??Can you give me a sample script of how it has to be defined in the script ?

Hello,Can MLoad handle data that is in Scientific notation? example : 8.56055E10If so, how would you could for such a value?Thanks!Paul

Has anyone observed this SQL Assistant issue -- it has been reported sporadically by different users at our workplace, and I have also personally seen this in the past. When trying to save a file in SQL Assistant, you receive an error message -- The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process (screen shot attached.) Multiple versions of SQL Assistant could be open however, they are not necessarily using the same .SQL file. Also, there is no other user or process that is accessing the file which cannot be saved. I even asked the reporting user to start saving to her C drive to ensure no other process or user could be accessing the file. She still received the error message. The user now has only one version of SQL Assistant open and this error is still occurring. We cannot determine what could be locking the file.

Hi All,As Fastload does not allow duplicate records. But how to identify the duplicate records, those records were not loaded in errortables.Only on the output screen we can see.Please let me know any ideas.Regards,kiran

Hi All,Can we use Conditional Statements(.IF THEN like in bteq) in Fastload script. If there any way to exit the bteq if we get any error in the sql statements used in bteq.

hi ppl, I would like to know how fastload identifies duplicates while loading ??? Regards, Rock

I exported some byte data from DB2 into a flatfile (such x'00' x'20' x'08' ....). I tried in fixed length and delimited formats, but I was not able to load into a Teradata byte column using MLOAD. The byte data when exported to these files is a sequence of 13 characters. I used a delimiter which would not conflict with any of the byte data characters. For the fixed length TEXT file, I defined the field as BYTE(13) in the layout, same size as the target table. When run, I get a error such as data in the file invalid for the byte colummn. For the vartext delimited file, I defined the field as VARBYTE(13) in the layout, and I get an error such as "data is too short". It seems like MLOAD can't break up the record correctly. Is the problem related to the non-standard text characters in the file? Should I use the unformatted format?Thanks

Hi guys!I need you use a newer .Net Data Provider to Teradata('ve installed these items:* Teradata .NET Data Provider Installer* README * Teradata .NET Data Provider Help* Release Definition and Install Instructions These items are contained in this link:http://developer.teradata.com/download/connectivity/teradata-net-data-provider-13-0-0-1#Is this enoguh or I have to install another item?When I have to use Teradata, I have to initialize Teradata Service Control and this is still in 12.0 version.Could help me to run the version?Thanks for help,Anderson

Hi guys,I really need your help.Here is fexp script am using to export 4 columns data in fastload mode..LOGTABLE RETAIL.FEXP_LOG;.LOGON ***/******;.BEGIN EXPORT;.EXPORT OUTFILE C:\emp1.txt MODE RECORD FORMAT fastload;SELECT trim(EmpNo (VARCHAR(15))), trim(Name (VARCHAR(18))), trim(DeptNo (SMALLINT)), trim(Salary (DECIMAL(8,2)))FROM RETAIL.EMP;.END EXPORT;.LOGOFF;and this same exported data i m fastloading to a table....here is my fastload script.LOGON ***/******;DROP TABLE RETAIL.EMP2;DROP TABLE RETAIL.ET_EMP2;DROP TABLE RETAIL.UV_EMP2;CT RETAIL.EMP2 ( EMPNO VARCHAR(15), NAME VARCHAR(18), DEPTNO SMALLINT, SALARY DECIMAL(8,2) ) PRIMARY INDEX ( EMPNO );DEFINE EmpNo (VARCHAR(15)), Name (VARCHAR(18)), DeptNo (SMALLINT), Salary (DECIMAL(8,2)) FILE = c:\emp1.txt;BEGIN LOADING retail.emp2 ERRORFILES RETAIL.ET_EMP2,RETAIL.UV_EMP2 CHECKPOINT 100;INSERT INTO retail.emp2 VALUES(:EmpNo,:Name,:DeptNo,:Salary); END LOADING; LOGOFF;while executing fastload script i am getting following error..--Record is too long by 10 byte(s).-- Possible case : Variable size field may not contain 2-byte or 2-byte length may be invalid.but how an error can come coz both table has same ddl ,everything same.Plz suggest something...thanks and Regards,kapil