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Teradata Mapping Manager

Teradata Mapping Manager is a Java-based desktop application/tool used by our professional services consultants to aid in the mapping of data and requirements. The mapping metadata is stored in a Teradata database.

What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0


This article will introduce the new features and UI enhancements that have been added to Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0.
With the exception of a few minor enhancements to support new Teradata Database 15.0 features these changes all relate to the Query window or Query execution.

This article assumes that you are already familiar with the features in SQL Assistant 14.10. If not, you may wish to read the following articles first:

In-Memory the Intelligent Way with Teradata Intelligent Memory

Teradata Intelligent Memory keeps the most frequently used, or hottest, data in memory for in-memory performance without the need to purchase enough memory for all of your data.

TTU Install Documentation

The TTU Install Documentation explains how to install Teradata Tools and Utilities software from delivery media, configure the applications when required, and verify installation. Additionally, instructions for deploying software with SCCM and TAR are provided. The documentation is available as HTML for all platforms and use cases (complete installation, deployment, and installation of specific applications). Links to PDF versions of the documents are also provided.


Aster Connector for Informatica

Download the Aster Connector for Informatica 9.5. Additional information can be found in the README file.

Running Unsupported Queries from a Stored Procedure

Stored Procedures

SQL Stored Procedures were added to Teradata around 2003 with the release of Teradata V2R5.1. Since then the capabilities of SQL Stored Procedure s has been expanded. However, there are still some queries that cannot be run directly from within a Stored Procedure.

Unsupported Queries

The Teradata 14 Stored Procedures manual has a list of DDL and DML statements that cannot be executed from within a Stored Procedure. Examples include:

Hadoop Security 101

Processes for integrating security controls were underdeveloped in early versions of Hadoop because data protection needs in its ecosystem were not well-understood.

Roles and responsibilities of a Teradata DBA

The modern data warehouse presents some unique administration challenges. This session will examine the differences a DBA faces when making the transition from a transaction processing environment to a data warehouse's, ad-hoc environment.

Teradata Wallet for Windows

Teradata Wallet provides secure storage for private information, such as Teradata Database passwords, on client computers. The stored information can then be used when logging on to the Teradata Database. This download package is for the Windows platform.

Explaining the EXPLAIN – New Functionality in 14.0 & 14.10

This presentation builds on Recorded Webcast # 49911 Explaining the EXPLAIN, which did just that (if you have not viewed, please do so before this class).