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R Solutions Across the Unified Data Architecture

The adoption of R is exploding within the analytic community and so have the number of R solutions, ranging from open source R on Hadoop to parallel functions on Aster and Teradata. 

Unity Data Mover 15.10 Release

We are pleased to announce the General Customer Availability (GCA) of Unity Data Mover 15.10 as of June 2015. With release 15.10, Unity Data Mover is now certified with Teradata Database 15.10. Data Mover 15.10 can utilize QueryGrid/foreign server connections to move data from Hadoop to Teradata (if installed) in addition to using the Teradata Connector for Hadoop (TDCH).  Hadoop support has also been extended to support TDH 2.1.7, Hortonworks 2.1.7 on commodity hardware and Cloudera 4.3 on commodity hardware. Aster support is extended to Aster 6.10.

High Performance Multi-System Analytics using Teradata QueryGrid

Today's analytic environments incorporate multiple technologies and systems. Teradata QueryGrid™  Teradata-to-Hadoop allows you to access data and processing on Hadoop from your Teradata data warehouse.

Calibrated Marketing: The Art of the Possible in Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing offers an omni-channel view of your customers and opens the possibilities of new kinds of data-driven marketing.

Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse

The Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse is based on the Eclipse plug-in framework and Data Tools Platform (DTP). Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse enables Eclipse DTP to operate with the Teradata Database and value-added features.

Teradata Studio Express

Teradata Studio Express provides an information discovery tool that retrieves data from Teradata Database systems and allows the data to be manipulated and stored on the desktop. It is built on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). For more information on Teradata Studio Express, refer to the article Teradata Studio Express.

Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio is a client based graphical interface used to perform database administration tasks on the Teradata Database. It is built on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). For more information on Teradata Studio, refer to the article Teradata Studio.

Loom: ActiveScan Process Execution

This page describes the use of directives files in Loom to configure notifications that get executed by ActiveScan in response to new and updated tables in Loom sources and datasets.

Teradata Basics: Parallelism

This “Teradata Basics” posting describes the current dimensions of parallelism in the Teradata Database, and how they work together.

Teradata Database 15.10 Overview

Come hear all about the newest features of Teradata Database 15.10!